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Chatbot Integration: FAQs

An integration consists of the process of linking together different hotel systems to functional interact as a whole. In short, HiJiffy provides a solution for data and functionality to flow seamlessly between integrated systems, communicating optimally between them and thus streamlining and decreasing complexity.

HiJiffy partners with industry leaders to help customers provide services that solve big problems.

We reduce administrative time by giving an easier and streamlined way to connect people and businesses with travel software or apps.

We currently have +60 integrations with the following types of hotel systems:

  • Booking Engines: To capture and process direct online reservations. These direct integrations, empower us to elevate our client’s customer experience unlocking direct reservation opportunities.
  • Property Management Systems: PMS are the central management system for hotel businesses and helps manage multiple aspects of a property, particularly Availability and Rates. These direct integrations, enable us to fetch all the data we need downloading the reservations registered to power our technology.
  • Maintenance Management Systems: Operational platforms to track and manage maintenance activities. These direct integrations, allow us to facilitate managers and service providers to achieve super performance on their teams, assets, and resources.
  • Marketing: Marketing automation platforms. With this integrations, we can drive incremental revenue and enhance the guest experience.
  • CRM: CRM´s build customer relationships that carry our client’s businesses forward. These direct integrations, lets us get the right data to the right people, when and where they need it, and empower them to perform.
  • Payment and Financing Gateways: Payment gateways allow the hotelier to collect deposits in real time and penalties deferred. With this integrations, we can be a payment facilitator.
  • Service automation: Service automation allow integrating all domain and functionality tools into various automation layers in order to have unified interface for all workflows helping in achieving multi-dimensional visibility into businesses and in streamlining the service process.

HiJiffy offers API integrations and custom integrations.

API stands for application programming interface and this type of chatbot integration allows HiJiffy’s solutions to communicate with other products and services without having to know how they’re implemented.

Custom integrations means building a custom solution that is specific to an exact use case. This can be done by sending a CSV file to us via email or FTP.

HiJiffy integrations are a cornerstone of digital transformation within the travel industry, and the main benefits are:

  • Boosted productivity

Without proper integration, agents are stuck manually entering data into multiple applications instead of adding value to the process. With our integration, data is transferred automatically between systems, resulting in smoother workflows, better process efficiency and reduced error margins.

  • Ability to monitor business performance

Data stored in different systems result in data silos, and organizations are incapable of objective proper analysis. HiJiffy gathers all data in a central system improving data analysis, ensuring consistency, and increases the value of the data.

  • Improved decision making

Another advantage of centralized data in HiJiffy is the ability to use real-time, accurate data across traditional organizational boundaries, providing a 360° view of an organization. Better, more accurate decisions allow organizations to grow faster and lower costs.

  • Alternative to legacy system replacement

Some organizations may depend on systems that are long past their end-of-life but may be irreplaceable. Integrating data from these legacy systems with HiJiffy into other newer systems allow organizations to continue working with legacy systems when moving forward in digital transformation.

Defining data flows is getting to a level deeper than “make Client X talk to Partner Y”. Many business stakeholders need some help getting from that top-level concept to a tangible specification that would allow someone to actually build that integration. Data flows provide that level of specification, but it still might be too in the tech weeds for some people.

So it’s helpful to start by defining use cases first, business cases. These should be expressed in a format that’s more comfortable for a business stakeholder because they are part of virtually any IT or software project.

The goal is still to get to a list of data flows, but starting by defining use cases allows business stakeholders to break down “make Client X talk to Partner Y” in business value terms, with little regard to technical realities.

E.g. Booking Cancellations: New Cancelled Guest (triggers when a guest cancels their reservation).

The scope for an integration is the summation of the scope of the data flows that must be implemented to achieve the desired business use cases.

E.g. Check Availability (check for hotel availability and show results on the conversation).

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