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HiJiffy and integrate their specialised AI solutions

‍Hotels using the booking engine can now enhance its powerful predictive personalisation capability with HiJiffy’s cutting-edge conversational AI – to increase the number of direct bookings, boost revenue, and improve the guest experience.

Personalising guest experiences, unifying guest communications

The changing online guest journey highlights the importance of personalisation, with as many as 86% of customers reporting that it impacts their purchasing decisions. unlocks the power of data science and predictive personalisation to ensure a curated brand experience at every stage of the guest journey. 

Each guest is unique and should be approached differently. But at the same time, it is important to unify all guest connections from various platforms, including booking engines, into one place which streamlines all data. This can be achieved with HiJiffy’s AI-powered omnichannel guest communications solutions that enable powerful automation and valuable data insights.

Bringing together two specialised AI technologies

This integration reflects one of the shared goals of and HiJiffy, which is to improve and personalise the guest experience.  Automating conversations on hotel platforms means guests can receive tailored offers at any time, on their favourite communication channels regardless of staff availability. In turn, this positively impacts conversion rate, driving more direct bookings and revenue.

Powerful integration in practice

Guests engaged in conversations on any of the hotel communication channels can now be presented with real-time booking quotes with price and room availability, as well as photos of the hotel rooms they are interested in. 

HiJiffy’s Booking Assistant can instantly provide accurate replies to customer queries, further boosting guest satisfaction. Working alongside this solution, unlocks the power of data science and predictive personalisation to ensure a curated brand experience at every stage of the guest journey.

At HiJiffy, we observed that booking conversion rate increases when our AI can communicate with a hotel’s booking engine to present the most up-to-date availability, rates and photographs of the room to prospective hotel guests. This integration means that the guests will be engaged in conversations powered by HiJiffy’s proprietary AI that communicates with to deliver the best, personalised offers 24/7 without impacting hotel staff workload.”
Tiago Araújo, CEO at HiJiffy.

How the integration with HiJiffy works

  • Guests can contact the hotel through any of its communication channels, such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, or a widget directly on the hotel website. HiJiffy’s AI-powered Booking Assistant actively engages in the chat and seamlessly centralises all messages in one place, the Console.
  • In a user-friendly conversational way, the AI asks questions to understand the guest’s preferences and requirements and syncs up with to create the best personalised offer. Next, the guests are presented with exact quotes for their booking based on the information they provided.
  • Alternative available room options can also be shown to guests, which increases upsell and upgrade opportunities.
  • If prospective guests are happy with the offer presented to them, they can easily complete the booking by clicking on the link, which transfers them to the booking page for the secure payment process. All the details provided during the conversation with HiJiffy’s Booking Assistant are pre-filled at this stage, making finalising the process easier.

The advantages of HiJiffy’s AI-powered guest communications solutions

HiJiffy’s technology brings powerful features to hoteliers wanting benefit from personalised and engaging conversations with guests:

  • Artificial Intelligence: HiJiffy’s virtual assistants are trained specifically for the hospitality industry, delivering value for hotels and guests right from the beginning of the interaction.
  • Task automation: time-consuming and repetitive tasks, including but not limited to check-ins, check-outs, or requesting room booking quotes, can be automated to reduce the hotel staff workload. They can instead be available to solve more complex queries that bring value to guests.
  • Omnichannel communication: thanks the Console that streamlines guest communications from social media channels and messaging apps (such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google My Business, WeChat, Telegram, Line) it is possible to keep an overview of all conversations as well as their status.
  • Automated translations: HiJiffy’s tools remove language barriers as they translate guest communications to 100+ languages instantly.
  • Insights and reporting: valuable insights are collected by HiJiffy’s tools and actionable reports can be generated to improve hotel services.

Improved performance throughout the guest journey

Combining the power of a booking engine and HiJiffy’s conversational AI technology boosts customer satisfaction due to offering value at each step of the guest journey.

HiJiffy’s AI-powered solutions benefit the entire guest journey