Key Benefits

Boost your hotel’s performance with HiJiffy’s AI-powered solutions

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Direct Bookings




Maximize profit across all the steps of the guest journey.

Increase direct bookings and unlock multiple opportunities for room upgrades and upselling.

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Instantaneous 24/7 live support

Personalized & Scalable

Exceed your guests’ expectations with an engaging experience.

Provide customized and instant replies, streamline queries and perform bookings wherever guests are.

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Digitalize check-ins and check-outs

Enable contactless experiences

Route & Escalate

Automate administrative tasks

Enable digital interactions without losing the “human touch”.

Enhance the guest experience by automating inefficient processes and free up staff to perform more complex and valuable tasks.

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Increase Recommendations

Prevent Negative Reviews

Expedite Service Recovery

Improve the customer journey

Deliver memorable experiences with stellar customer service.

Increase guest satisfaction and get rewarded with retained customers, positive reviews and referrals.

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Automate operations

Track and analyse the performance

Improve teamwork

Reward achievements

Do more with less without compromising on service levels.

Get full visibility over the teams’ efficiency and collect actionable insights to optimize processes and reduce operating costs.

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Centralise information

Preserve History

Enrich database

Create segmentation

Offer highly personalised services for elevated guest experiences.

Maximize revenue by developing targeted campaigns and reduce OTAs dependency by boosting customer loyalty.