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Main advantages of HiJiffy's Console

Console manage and reply to conversations console

Manage and reply to conversations

Centralise ticketing system

Console centralize ticketing system console

Analyse results and metrics

Console analyze results and metrics console

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Console Features

Unified omnichannel inbox

A one-stop solution for streamlining messages from the website chat and different social media and messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, WeChat, Google My Business, SMS and email.

Performance reports

Find opportunities for optimisation by easily accessing and browsing data, including conversion rate, number of conversations, automation rate, number of direct bookings, CSAT score, and more.

Assigning agents

Manage and distribute tasks across your team with one click.

User profile customisation

Add tags and notes to user profiles for segmentation and personalisation purposes.

Clear inbox tabs navigation

Jump directly to messages that need your attention thanks to intuitive tabs in the inbox.

Canned responses

Save time answering personalised questions by using pre-filled responses.

Integrated centralised ticketing system

Track the progress of any enquiry from start to close.

Individual agent metrics

Manage and support your team better thanks to insights into individual agents’ performance.

Sentiment analysis

See an emoji representing the sentiment in each conversation to prioritise them accordingly.

Inbox messages prioritisation

Set a priority for individual conversations to communicate urgency to the rest of your team.

Automated translations

Automatic translation into 130+ languages to remove language barriers.

Conversation filters

Filter conversations per channel, type of request, and more.

Set a schedule by property

Define individual schedules for each property to adjust automation accordingly.

Prompts for FAQ answers improvement

The Console will identify and bring to your attention FAQs answers that require new or further development.

Console for Hotels: FAQs

Accessing Big Data insights enable highly personalised services for elevated guest experiences. Hotels can boost revenue and customer loyalty with targeted campaigns based on such data insights. The HiJiffy’s Console functionality allows hotels to:

  • Centralise information: Consolidate all the guests’ data from different communication channels in a single database to easily retrieve data.
  • Preserve history: Keep a record of each conversation (within GDPR guidelines), ensuring that details are not lost or forgotten during the next interaction with the hotel.
  • Enrich database: Automatically process the collected data to delete duplicates or group multiple stays in the same guest file, qualifying and structuring the data.
  • Create segmentation: Develop rich customer segmentation for more targeted communication, crafting specific campaigns for each type of guest profile.

Hotel managers can use the HiJiffy solution to find actionable insights into team processes. AI technology aims to reduce the strain on hotel staff and operational costs:

Streamline operations: Make your hotel staff available to tackle more complex tasks by automating and resolving over 85% of the common guest queries. AI-powered conversational solutions boost efficiency without compromising on customer service quality.

Track and analyse performance: Understand performance at macro and micro levels. Hotel managers can easily track KPIs and monitor progress on objectives, such as the time to close a ticket, the number of messages resolved, or the Net Promoter Score.

Improve teamwork: Bring all guest communication together in one place, enabling seamless coordination of all guest’s requests. Supported by a robust AI-powered platform able to centralise all the guest information, it is easier for hotels to facilitate high-quality teamwork and efficient internal communications.

Reward achievements: Use analytics to stay up-to-date on the team’s performance easily. By accessing both real-time and historical data, hoteliers can easily track the performance of each department and reward top performers, and understand which team members may need support.

Supported channels integrated with the unified inbox currently include:

  • Website Live Chat
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • SMS
  • Instagram
  • Google My Business
  • WeChat
  • Telegram
  • Line
  • Email

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