Project Name: Introducing a new paradigm of communication for the travel industry
Project Code: ALT20-03-0247-FEDER-098478
Main Objective: OT1 – Reinforce research, technological development and innovation
Region of Intervention: Alentejo

Financing Agencies: Alentejo 2020; Portugal 2020; ERDF – European Regional Development Fund
‍Beneficiary Entity: HIJIFFY, S.A.,

‍Approval Date: 17-03-2021
‍Start date: 01-01-2021
‍Completion date: 30-06-2023
‍Total eligible cost: 1,311,128.62 EUR
‍European Union financial support: ERDF – 835,600.36EUR

Objectives, activities and expected/achieved results: The «HiJiffy» project aims to complete, validate and demonstrate an innovative solution that centralises, automates and measures all customer service activities for companies in the travel sector, using a virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence.

Project Name: HiJiffy – Internacionalização de Inovadora Plataforma de Hospitalidade
Project Code: ALT20-01-0752-FEDER-035127
Main Objective: Enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs
Region of Intervention: Programa Operacional Regional do Alentejo

Starting date: 2017-08-31
Date of completion: 2019-08-31
Total eligible cost: 166779,00 €
Financial support from the European Union: 75050,55 €
Approval date: 2018-03-02

Objectives, activities and expected/achieved results: Development and application of new business models for SMEs, especially with regard to internationalization.