Travel Chatbot

Increasing your direct bookings has never been so easy

Enable guests to book wherever they are.
HiJiffy’s conversational booking assistant is available 24/7 across your communication channels to provide lightning-fast answers to guests’ queries.

The power of having a Travel Chatbot

Quick to install and easy to use

Omnichannel solution

Customise your communication

Booking Assistant Features

Direct Booking AI agent

An artificially intelligent virtual assistant that guides users through the booking request.

Booking Recovery Campaigns

Trigger messages when travellers show an interest in the booking request but the booking is not performed.

Behavioral Marketing Campaigns

Push personalized messages on the website according to the specific page the user is visiting.

Email to Chatbot Automation

Automate your email point of contact by offering a chatbot solution to solve their queries instantly.

Smooth handover to human agents

When the chatbot detects the need to hand the conversation off to a human agent, it allows for a seamless takeover.

Click to Call

Configure the option of providing a direct phone contact in the chat conversation if the request is not being solved by the chatbot.

Lead qualification

Understand better the travellers and identify the potential customers that can generate higher revenue.

Price comparison

Activate the possibility to display the price comparison range of your rooms across various different platforms.

Interface personalization

Customize the chatbot interface accordingly to your hotel’s brand guidelines.

Travel Chatbot: FAQs

Travel industry chatbots provide access to all the important details about the traveller’s destinations through integration with Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and other communication platforms. 

It acts as a virtual travel agent and shows all the valuable and relevant information about the planned destination. In addition, based on the traveller’s needs, a travel chatbot provides the latest details about the destination.

Here are some of the main reasons why companies in the travel industry should have a dedicated chatbot:

  • Revenue increase

Chatbots in the travel industry allow customers to book their flights, hotels, etc., directly through websites, because of which the industry’s revenue can be increased. 

  • Increases efficiency and improves internal processes

The travel industry has become much more efficient after the introduction of travel chatbots. They are easy to use and provide customers with a personalised experience since these chatbots integrate with all the important and relevant information about the customer through communication platforms like Facebook or Whatsapp.

  • Overcome lack of staff

Even if the travel industry has been facing issues related to lack of staff, travel chatbots offer equal or even better services. Travel chatbots work as local travel agents. Hence, even if there are less or no travel agents at all, the efficiency of the travel industry will not be affected.

  • Better and more personalised guest experience

The 24/7 hours availability of a travel chatbot provides the guests with a personalised experience. Apart from the full-time availability, and oftentimes multilingual as well, travel chatbots are very easy to use and are also less time consuming. Customers usually like using the chatbot because it has proven to provide extraordinary services, very quickly. 


Not only is it a quick process, but also quite easy to implement. The main aim of a travel chatbot is to provide easy and relevant services during travelling. Hence, it is important to integrate with the current software used by the booking engine, CRM, maintenance/housekeeping tools, and all the other accommodation providers.

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