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Hotel Chatbot for WhatsApp: FAQs

What are the main benefits of implementing a WhatsApp Chatbot for Hotels?

Initially, chatbots were only available as a feature on Messenger, Facebook, Google, and other such apps. But as the virtual world is coming together Whatsapp chatbots are gaining popularity. In this sense, some of the basic benefits of using WhatsApp Bots in the hospitality industry are: 

  • Automation: Chatbots for WhatsApp can help accommodation providers save up to 80% more time and effort performing low added value and repetitive tasks;
  • Efficiency: Hotels can respond to client inquiries +60% faster than the phone or email using WhatsApp bots;
  • Popularity: Hoteliers are using phones, emails, and SMS to communicate with guests. However, 61% of clients today prefer to communicate via WhatsApp and/or other social media platforms. This is where WhatsApp bots come in handy;
  • Acceptance: Recent independent studies have shown that after using chatbots for WhatsApp, half of the business queries of an organisation can start coming in through WhatsApp;
  • Cost-efficiency: By communicating with customers via WhatsApp, hoteliers may save the costs of pricey call centres and outdated CRM systems.

What must hoteliers consider when planning the use of a chatbot for WhatsApp?

When planning the use of WhatsApp business chatbot for their hotels, hoteliers must keep in mind five things :

  • What is the purpose of implementing a bot for WhatsApp?
  • What should the tone of voice of my WhatsApp chatbot?
  • What topics should the chatbot take care of?
  • Do I wish to facilitate a guided or unguided discussion?
  • What should I do if my chatbot in WhatsApp is unable to answer a question?

How can a WhatsApp bot help hotels boost guest satisfaction?

Communication with guests is crucial for hotels. The front desk must, after all, connect with clients before their arrival, throughout their stay, and after they have left. It's critical to have a single point of contact for every phase of the customer journey, and the four recommendations below will show how a bot for WhatsApp can help hoteliers boost their guests' satisfaction.

1. Welcome Message through WhatsApp messenger bots

Guests are expected to give contact information, including a phone number, while booking a hotel stay. Sending an automated, helpful message prior to their arrival is a simple but effective method to use technology to improve client happiness. Hoteliers can also create a conversation channel for them to use throughout their stay using the chatbot for WhatsApp business.

It could be a good idea to include valuable information regarding their stay in this initial communication, such as check-in timings, pet policy, or nearby attractions. This can assist in making a positive first impression and instilling confidence in the staff's ability to assist. Effective chatbot integration with WhatsApp can also ensure that the communication channel is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Finally, communication is essential for providing an excellent guest experience that leads to positive reviews.

2. Upsell through WhatsApp business bots 

It's a good idea to strive to improve the guests' experience once the WhatsApp chatbot integration has been established and they've been reassured about the hotel's availability and travel arrangements. Hoteliers must consider some of the services, leisure activities, and other products they have available and how they may leverage the channel to upsell them.

While communicating with the customers using the WhatsApp assistant bot, hoteliers can organically upsell their hotel's services. These services include answering consumers' questions and marketing some of the hotel's services when needed the most. The best WhatsApp chatbots can also help you offer these services, and not just promote them 

Customers do not want to be swamped with offers, so there is a fine balance to be struck, and they will see through many less-than-subtle attempts to convince them to pay more.

With this in mind, it's critical that hospitality providers make good use of their WhatsApp chatbot service and always protect the privacy of their guests. Determining when it's appropriate to upsell and when it's time to back off is a critical.

3. Informal communication with guests through whatsapp business chatbots

While WhatsApp chatbots have become increasingly important in the hotel business, it is important to value personalised care. The great thing is that nowadays the best AI-based chatbots for WhatsApp have the feature of personalization. 

Guests may use the app to send messages to the front desk and receive immediate responses. This means that guests may make any last-minute inquiries about the hotel, the services provided, and other parts of their stay without having to go down to reception or call.

Furthermore, having a chatbot for WhatsApp allow hotels to send images to guests, which can help with communication.  

4. Increase the effectiveness of the reviews management efforts

Finally, the WhatsApp chatbot app for hotels can aid in the administration of reviews. Receiving a negative internet review can be disastrous to a hotel's reputation, potentially discouraging future travellers from booking. However, having a direct line of communication with customers during , and soon after their stay, can assist in avoiding this.

One option to achieve this is to employ a hotel chatbot to send a customer satisfaction survey to guests before checking out after their stay. Their response can help you predict how a guest will discuss your hotel with others and what they will say about it online.

Why is not usual to interact with an Hotel Chatbot?

Despite its efficiency, WhatsApp bots are not yet widely used tools for communication with guests, in part because it often requires only one phone and a single account, making it difficult for a complete team of employees to stay connected at all times. 

Fortunately, there are a number of applications on the market, such as HiJiffy, that allow employees to share a WhatsApp account while centralising interactions from other channels, including email, Facebook and Messenger. These new technologies are transforming the way hotels communicate and provide value to their customers.

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At Baobab Suites we are committed to delivering an elevated guest experience from the booking stage to the guest departure and beyond. With HiJiffy's assistance, we are able to retrieve valuable data and automate tasks allowing us to focus on providing personalized service to all our guests. By analyzing guests requests, patterns and trends we are able to have a better performance, and thanks to HiJiffy we have more control over this data.

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