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Digital Concierge: FAQs

Also known as a virtual concierge, a digital concierge system is an artificial intelligence system that assists hotel guests. 
It provides limitless services if compared to any traditional method. Hotel owners can create their own personalized digital concierge app, through the app or website.

Let us explain to you with an example – HiJiffy is the AI-powered solution, designed to be available 24/7 and engage with the visitors at every stage of their stay. From online check-in, room upgrade services, and restaurant bookings to check-out.

HiJiffy introduces new approaches to ease the planning process for the guests. Some of the features include automated workflows, custom routing, escalations, guest reviews, guest satisfaction surveys, etc. Hotels using this system have appreciated reduced turnover and increased customer loyalty.

digital concierge system goes beyond the traditional methods to improve the guest experience. 

Let’s take a look at how digital concierge software can benefit the hospitality industry in various ways:

  • Increased customer satisfaction

The first and foremost reason why a digital concierge is needed in the industry is to bring customer satisfaction. Nothing brings them joy more than receiving their answers instantly without having to wait in a queue. Their answers are either mailed to them or messaged. This gives them immense satisfaction knowing that they have been given priority and their presence matters to the company. 

Do not neglect the most superior asset to your company – the guests. This tool takes away the stress from both parties and provides all ranges of details. Easy check-in or check-out options, book a table at restaurants, or request a wake-up call, these facilities have increased customer satisfaction. 

  • Human resource

Your potential customers do not entirely rely on staff members to provide them with the desired information. They can click buttons and dig deeper to educate themselves on the topic, such as directions, basic details, etc. Additionally, the staff members can focus their attention on services that need human surveillance. This way, your team would have a virtual team member sitting at the front desk.

  • Promotion of services

Digital concierge software not only makes the customer happier but also promotes your brand and the services effortlessly. The software plays as a free advertising app that grabs the attention of locals and highlights the services and the best features of your hotels/restaurants. When a guest browses through the app to book any amenities, their search leads them to discover new channels. Moreover, this step can also attract brands and collaborations who are willing to partner with you. 

With HiJiffy, your guests can reach out to you at any given point of their trip. You are one step ahead when you are under the assistance of HiJiffy. Offer your guests personalised services, bring them what they need when they ask, and keep track of their preferences of future needs. 

Here is what you should take into consideration when implementing a hotel digital concierge:

The Dos

  • Quick replies

When guests have doubts, they expect an instant clarification. A delay in response may anger them and leave them dissatisfied with the service. Even though you have a piece of accurate information, if connecting the guest to them takes longer than expected, then they would be highly disappointed. Adapt this new technology with HiJiffy and never miss any text from the guest. 

  • Keep your answers ready

For quick responses, make sure you have the answers to the simplest questions such as “What are the breakfast timings” or “Find directions to the nearest Café” ready. Not only answers, but keep a question template ready to ensure your guests have a delightful stay. 

  • Decide the tone

Whether friendly or professional, decide the tone of the texts that your guests will be receiving. Understand what suits best for different guests and choose a similar tone of language that goes for all. 

The Don’ts

  • Continue the spamming

Understand the difference between an informative chat box and an annoying one. Don’t spam the guests with numerous texts or emails that force them to unsubscribe from the app. Make sure your texts are short, crisp, and to the point. 

  • Skip the training

Train your staff with the texting etiquettes and automating the tool. Texting might sound natural and easy chatting, but it still requires monitoring. Keep it casual but professional. Understand that you are here to provide a service and not be the chatterbox. “We’re on it” is the perfect reply, rather than saying, “Whatcha need?”

  • Wait for the guests to be in-house

Your duty doesn’t begin when they enter the house; it starts way before it. Stay in touch with the customers before their check-ins. 

Consider a few things before you deploy a virtual assistant for your hotel. Get feedback on your existing program and learn what needs to be improved. Countless inquiries can be solved through automated software without burdening the staff. Simple questions can be answered by the system. Last but not least, the app should be easy to use for the customers. They shouldn’t take much time to understand, or else that situation might irritate them.

Any Hotel that aims at enhancing its guest experience needs digital concierge software. Let’s take various examples and see how a digital concierge can help various sectors. 

  • A digital concierge can help the healthcare industry by allowing visitors to schedule an appointment without visiting the hospital and front desk. 
  • It can also help guests in the event management company by staying updated with event locations. 
  • The hospitality industry has been the largest and fastest adopter of the digital concierge. 

Consider these factors when you look for a digital concierge app/software. 

  • The pricing model 

It is crucial to understand the business’s current financial position, your future vision, and the outcomes that you expect before you settle on a price range. Compare these important key elements. The pricing will vary depending on your company goals. 

  • Onboarding 

A good digital concierge wins the trust of hotel owners when it takes less human resources to implement it. That’s indeed a perfect investment. It should be scalable to handle maximum responsibilities.

  • Security and reporting

One should always keep in mind that the guest’s information is privately held. Every hotel must follow the legal protocols and data security rules. All private information shouldn’t be disclosed. Whereas, it must be used for a good purpose – reporting and analytics. 

  • 24/7 Support system

Does the digital concierge system have helplines that support 24/7? If yes, your business is good to go. Let’s ease your search and find your answer to this question. You can find a perfect digital concierge here at HiJiffy.

Let’s get deep into this topic and explore what the digital concierge from HiJiffy can do for your hotel:

  • Digital check-in

Quit the line at the reception and go digital. Offer your new guests pre-check-in virtual forms that help them eliminate the waiting time. 

  • Campaigns

HiJiffy has come up with various campaigns and plans to provide the hotel staff and customers with a stress-free environment. Thanks to room upgrade campaigns, guests can enhance their room with a personal touch before the arrival phase. You can find reviews and recommendations from the guests to improve your brand. 

  • Automated workflows and notifications

Use the automation tool wisely. Create innovative notifications that are suitable for your niche and pre-program the administrative tasks. The workflows can be managed automatically.

  • AI-powered assistance

Guests are pretty impressed with the smartness of the digital concierge. Using an AI, guests can get quick replies and also smart answers from the system. The front office virtual assistant guides the guests throughout their stay.

  • Surveys 


There is always room for improvement. Your past guests can fill in the survey form through their phones and add in their honest opinions. Understand your customer needs and their satisfaction factors. 

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