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In the Product Highlight series, we explore various features and functionalities of the Console, our Guest Communications Hub interface. Harnessing your guest communications with the support of our conversational AI is efficient and intuitive, with an automated enrichment of your guests’ profiles in the Contacts section of the Console.

What is the Contacts Page?

The HiJiffy’s Contacts Page allows you to store and manage information about your contacts, whether they are potential guests or existing ones. It is also where your contact records are displayed.

Note: The information displayed in the Contacts menu depends on your subscription.

Where is it?

The contact section is the 3rd button on the left-most menu. It is represented by the icon with 2 people.

Features contacts general contacts

What you get according to your plan

1. Basic Plan

1) Basic Plan: The Basic plan will allow you to access the Contact tab, where you can find all the information of users that have interacted with the chatbot and requested to chat with a staff member. The features available in the Basic Plan are the following:

Contact list:

  • An overview of your contacts in the Contacts Panel.
  • Creation of New Contacts
Features contacts general new contact 1 contacts

2. Pro, Premium and Enterprise Plan

The Pro, Premium and Enterprise Plans provide a more enhanced Contact Panel:
The Contacts Menu in these plans contains 3 tabs, each with its own features to manage and extract your data easily.

a) Contact List

  • An overview of your contacts in the Contacts Panel.
  • The ability to create and add a new contact.
  • Manage your contacts – Add, Edit or Remove.
  • Save contacts as views – Filter specific contacts (e.g. Spanish speakers).
  • Filter your contacts.
  • Export contacts (available for Premium & Enterprise only).

b) Bookings

  • Booking Details.
  • Filter Bookings by Booking Type.

c) Requests

  • Requests List.
  • Filter By Request Type & Status.

Did you know?

Every time a conversation is transferred to the console, the user will be asked to insert their name and email address. If they don’t then the conversation will not be transferred.

This action allows the user to then be able to receive your agents’ answers in their email address, should they decide to leave the website page.

But there is so much more you can do within this tab!

Contacts List

Discover all of your potential and current client data:

1) Total Number of Contacts:
2) Gather their Contact Details

  • Name: user/guest name.
  • Email: user/guest email address.
  • Phone number: user/guest phone number.
  • CT: Country
  • Bookings: number of bookings made by the user/guest.
  • Requests: number of requests made by the user/agent
  • Created Date: The date that the contact was first created
  • Actions:  See the last conversation that the user/guest had with the chatbot.

Create a New Contact

 Add new contacts to your list to build your comprehensive client base.
Quickly add useful information such as their contact details, their demographic data, loyalty program information, pets, lead status and much more!

Features contacts add new contact contacts

Edit your Contact Information!

We know you know the value of keeping your guests’ information up-to-date.

You can easily update your information, remove outdated contacts, and if you want to assign a specific agent to a guest for any reason, that’s also possible!

Filter your Contacts

Find the information you need “in a Jiffy!”. Finding your guest information has never been easier.

  • You can use the search bar for a more basic search.
  • You can search according to a saved view that you defined/customized in the past.
  • Or go deeper into more specific filters and search according to their language, lifecycle stage or date of birth.

Need to send your contact list to another department?
Need an easier way to update your E-mail Marketing or Loyalty Program CRMs?

Quickly export all of your contacts and send it to any e-mail you may need. Your data, is yours to use – all under fully GDPR compliant protocols.

Features contacts export request contacts

As mentioned before, if you have our Pro, Premium or Enterprise Plan you can access exclusive Bookings and Requests Tabs.

Bookings Tab

If you have our booking pixel installed, you can:

  • See the total number of bookings made.
  • Filter Booking according to Contacts or Booking Type.
  • Check out all the information about each specific booking (e.g. Booking Type, Check in/out Dates, Contact Information or the Conversation History)

Features contacts booking tab contacts

Requests Tab

  • Find out what your current request total is.
  • Recover all your requests according to type of request or ID.
  • Check or Update the Status of each Request.

Features contacts requests tab contacts

Keeping HiJiffy’s contact page fresh and up-to-date is easy and essential. It makes sure that when guests shout out for anything – a question, a problem, or maybe just to say hi – they get hooked up with the right people in the hotel’s team without any hassle. Quick and easy contact means guests feel taken care of, and that’s a big deal for making them happy and keeping them coming back.

For the hotel teams, this is a goldmine. It makes their job easier because they can sort out issues faster and keep everything running smoothly. But here’s the great part: when guests feel listened to, they’re more likely to join loyalty programs and become repeat customers.

Each chat or email can help the hotel learn more about what guests appreciate, which can make email marketing and other customer relationship management (CRM) efforts really flourish. It’s all about creating those “wow” moments that guests will remember – leading to killer reviews, more sign-ups for sweet deals, and ultimately, a nice bump in the hotel’s bottom line.

Need assistance with making the most of the contacts section?
Browse our Help Center and access over 200 articles exploring the practical side of using the Guest Communications Hub. From onboarding videos to step-by-step guides to troubleshooting, it packs valuable information available to you instantly at any time. If you need further assistance with making the most of your solution, reach out to your Customer Success representative.

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