February 1, 2024


The essential performance insights.

The essential performance insights

In the Product Highlight series, we have a closer look at various features and functionalities of the Console, the interface of our Guest Communications Hub. It’s a practical take showing how easy it is to improve your guest communications with the support of our conversational AI. The best place to start is the dashboard, bringing various insights and metrics up front for a convenient overview of your performance.

What is the dashboard?

The homepage of our Console – the dashboard – offers an insightful overview of the core KPIs, the performance of the conversational AI and your team members who use the solution (“agents”). It brings essential information from other areas of the Console, saving you time and ensuring you don’t lose track of monitoring the performance.

Dashboard what is our dashboard dashboard

What can you find in the dashboard?

Let’s take a closer look at each of the areas of the dashboard.

Average Time for First Reply: See your performance in the context of your team

This is a highlight of your individual metrics performance: how long you take on average to answer to a new conversation, i.e. the time from the moment the conversation is transferred to the Console until your first reply. You can also compare your average to the team’s average.

Dashboard —average time for first reply dashboard

Open conversations: Fast track to the messages needing your attention

That’s your reminder and shortcut to any open conversations in the inbox, to make sure no questions remain unanswered. Those are the conversations that were transferred to the Console as they needed attention from a staff member.

Dashboard —open conversations dashboard

Key KPIs: Understand how your chatbot is performing at a glance

In the middle section, you can find the following global metrics for the property you’re assigned to. For each of them, you can also see the evolution of the metric in the last 30 days.

  • Automation rate. The percentage of incoming guest queries that conversational AI was able to solve independently without the need for other agents’ input. This can give you an idea of the time and volume of work saved.

  • Bookings made via chat. The number of direct bookings made within the chatbot, guided by the conversational AI. This shows you the contribution of conversational AI’s generating revenue from direct bookings.

  • Chatbot CSAT score. The percentage of users satisfied with the performance of the chatbot – the overall assessment of the responsiveness, helpfulness and accuracy of the answers provided. This is your indicator of how happy your guests are with the solution.

  • Conversations closed by the team. The number of conversations that needed an agent’s attention (i.e. conversations transferred to the “Open” tab in the inbox menu) and that were “marked as closed” by the team.

Dashboard—key kpis dashboard

Conversations evolution: Get visibility of the busy periods

This graph tracks the number of daily conversations, distinguishing between automated conversations (those handled and completed by conversational AI) and requests to talk to staff (which needed to be handled and closed by staff). It gives visibility to periods where you received the most incoming questions.

Dashboard conversation evolution dashboard

User activity: What channels travellers and guests use to contact you

This diagram presents where the conversations are coming from, giving you an overview of how popular each of your communication channels (connected to the Console) is with travellers and your guests.

Dashboard user activity dashboard

What benefits does the dashboard bring to you and your teams?

  • Never miss a conversation. Upfront signposting to open conversations in your inbox ensures it’s easy to jump right into queries needing your attention.

  • Identify areas for improvement. Metrics evolution tracking makes it easy to take note of what you need to focus on.

  • Get an immediate overview of KPIs. Have visibility of how you and your team are doing from the homepage of the Console.

Need assistance with making the most of the dashboard?
Browse our Help Center and access over 200 articles exploring the practical side of using the Guest Communications Hub. From onboarding videos to step-by-step guides to troubleshooting, it packs valuable information available to you instantly at any time. If you need further assistance with making the most of your solution, reach out to your Customer Success representative.

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