Key Benefits

Increase revenue

Maximise profit throughout the entire guest journey.

Increase direct bookings and unlock multiple opportunities for room upgrades and upselling.

Increase revenue increase revenue
Direct bookings increase revenue

Direct bookings

HiJiffy’s AI-powered conversational virtual agent is an omnichannel solution that provides instant replies, streamlines queries and performs bookings wherever your guests are.

Convert anonymous visitors into qualified leads. Save on OTA commissions by increasing direct bookings.


Create personalised campaigns that target guests with spa services, on-property restaurants, and more to increase sales.

Upselling increase revenue
Retention increase revenue


Reduce customer acquisition costs by developing a loyal client base returning to your hotel.

Develop a strong engagement strategy to make every guest interaction with your hotel seamless, enjoyable and profitable.

Room upgrades

Increase your bottom line by reaching your guests automatically at the right place at the right time, based on availability and guest segment.

Get additional revenue per room.

Room upgrades increase revenue

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