Key Benefits

Boost teamwork
and productivity

Achieve better service levels with less effort.

Get full visibility over the teams’ efficiency and collect actionable insights to optimise processes and reduce operating costs.

Team notifications

Inbox filters, priority status and sentiment analysis

Set priority to messages and use a wide range of filters and AI-powered sentiment analysis to identify the most urgent guest queries requiring your team’s attention.

Easily find the conversations in the omnichannel inbox, regardless of the source they originated from.

Track, analyse and reward performance

Understand performance at macro and micro levels by easily tracking KPIs and monitoring progress on objectives, such as the number of queries resolved, CSAT score and more.

Use available insights to stay up-to-date on the team’s performance easily. Spot opportunities to increase efficiency and improve service by closely monitoring communications. Recognise top performers, and understand which team members may need support.

Improve internal communications

Enable high-quality teamwork and efficient internal communications by assigning agents/teams, and setting up team notifications.

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