March 12, 2024


Customize your users' interface.

This Product Highlight series provide a detailed exploration of the various features and functions of the Console, which serves as the interface to our Guest Communications Hub. Through a practical approach, we aim to demonstrate how effortless it is to enhance conversations with your guests by utilising our conversational artificial intelligence (AI). This article looks into how to make the most of customising and using the widgets.

What is the “Widgets” menu for?

The “Widgets” menu lets you add new widgets or customise existing ones. When the chatbot is set up, our Customer Success team configures the widget(s) according to the page on your website. However, you are free to create new widgets, each with its own features. For example, if your chatbot is linked to several properties, you can create and customise a separate widget for each property’s website.

Widgets basic widgets

What options are available in the “Widgets” menu?

By accessing the “Widget” menu, via the “</>” icon, you can choose the widget you want to customise. Once selected, you can modify it by accessing the following five tabs:

  • General
  • Languages
  • Customisation
  • Opening times
  • Script

Let’s take a closer look at what you can change in each of these tabs.


In this section, you can change the following elements:

  • Widget name: Not visible to users, it is for your internal reference.

  • Teams: The teams that will have access to the conversations generated by this widget.

  • Chatbot: The widget’s link with a specific chatbot, or the one to which it should belong.

  • Properties: The properties to be linked with this widget. Please note that the properties selected must be linked with the chatbot previously selected.

  • Fields of expertise: The domains on which this widget should appear.

Widgets basic 1 widgets


In this section, you can change the following elements:

  • Languages: Select the languages linked with this widget. The languages chosen here must match those defined in the “Main settings” of the “Chatbots” menu.

  • Default language: Choose the default language if the widget is unable to identify the language when it is displayed (welcome message). The default language you select here must be the same as the one chosen in “Main settings” in the “Chatbots” menu.
  • Welcome message: Activate or deactivate the widget’s welcome message and modify its content according to your preferences.

  • Widget title: This is the title visible at the top of the chatbot when you click on the widget.

Widgets languages widgets


This tab is very important, because this is where you can customise the widget to match your hotel’s branding. You can:

  • Select your brand’s colour.

  • Choose the colours of the widget buttons.

  • Authorise the header favicon and add a logo.

  • Define the widget format.

  • Choose the icon for your widget.

  • Add your avatar.

  • Configure the size, position and alignment of the widget.

Under the ‘Customise’ tab you can also configure the widget for mobile devices. To do this, simply click on the “Authorise – Custom mobile positioning” button and choose the positioning (alignment, position and scale) of the widget for a mobile.

Widgets customisation widgets

Opening times

This feature is available with Pro, Premium and Enterprise subscriptions. It lets you define the times and days of the week when the widget will be active on your web page. Don’t miss out on any opportunities by configuring our widget 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Widgets schedule widgets


In this tab, you will find the widget script to be installed on all the pages of your website (according to the domain you specified in the Basics tab). Just copy and paste it.

Widgets script widgets

What are the advantages of the widget menu for you and your teams?

  • You can reinforce your visual identity. You can customise the widget’s appearance to reflect your brand’s specific colours and branding.

  • You ensure a smooth, optimal user experience. The option to make it accessible via mobile devices guarantees a consistent and optimal user experience, whichever platform is used.

  • You can increase interaction and conversions into bookings. By customising the widget and making it accessible on mobile devices, you create a more engaging experience for your guests, encouraging interaction and conversions into bookings.

Need assistance with making the most of the widgets?
Browse our Help Centre and access over 200 articles exploring the practical side of using the Guest Communications Hub. From onboarding videos to step-by-step guides to troubleshooting, it packs valuable information available to you instantly at any time. If you need further assistance with making the most of your solution, reach out to your Customer Success representative.

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