March 27, 2024

Sentiment Analysis

Uncovering guest emotions when evaluating feedback.

In the Product Highlight series, we have a closer look at various features and functionalities of the Console, the interface of our Guest Communications Hub. It’s a practical take illustrating how easy it is to improve your guest journey with the support of our conversational AI. This product highlight focuses on the sentiment analysis feature.

What does sentiment analysis offer?

This innovative feature gives the Console user an overview of the dominant sentiment expressed in conversations, associating emotions with every interaction with your guest or potential guest.

Aplysia analyses a sample of dialogues and, based on key indicators, classifies each conversation with a Happy or Unhappy sentiment

This artificial intelligence tool is essential to help you and your team prioritise guest conversations, transforming every interaction into an opportunity to improve your communication and guest satisfaction.

Imagine that you have an emotionally intelligent assistant that improves prioritising your communications and makes them more effective!

Where can I find sentiment analysis in the console?

This function can be found in the Inbox of your HiJiffy Console, where you can filter conversations by sentiment analysis.

Sentiment analysis overall sentiment analysis

How does it really help me?

The chatbot is able to discern the sentiment of guests in certain messages they send. Are they happy or frustrated? The chatbot will tell you when the conversation is transferred to the console with two types of sentiment:

A: A sense of dissatisfaction (Unhappy)

Sentiment analysis unhappy sentiment sentiment analysis

B: A sense of satisfaction (Happy)

Sentiment analysis happy sentiment 1 sentiment analysis

This analysis will help you to make more informed decisions, as well as prioritise and personalise your customer service.

  • At the front desk, your team will be able to personalise their interactions by tailoring their treatment of your guests based on their emotional history, thus improving their satisfaction. They will be able to identify and prioritise guests with negative experiences so that they can attend to them immediately and resolve problems. In addition, they will be able to communicate guests’ feelings to the relevant departments to restore the service quickly.

  • In the Reservations department, this function can be used to identify areas for improvement in your operations, such as room service or housekeeping. It will also help you to understand guests’ perceptions of the hotel’s services and make quality control easier.

    Now you can make data-driven decisions using concrete information on guest preferences and guests’ complaints for informed departmental decisions.

  • In Hotel Management, there are also interesting benefits, such as understanding the overall sentiment of your guests to make informed decisions to improve your services and amenities. You will identify long-term trends in guest feedback for more effective strategic planning.

  • Even for Crisis Management, it will be easier for you to identify negative trends or emerging problems and act promptly.

HiJiffy’s sentiment analysis, available in the Console, is a revolutionary tool that provides deep insight and effective control over guest interactions. Its ability to classify emotions and feelings transforms the way we interact and respond to guests’ needs, from reception to hotel management.

Now, conversations have become a valuable source of information and an opportunity to continuously improve the guest experience, which in turn drives operational efficiency, guest satisfaction and, of course, the success of your hotel.

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