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Integration between Centrotel and HiJiffy

What is Centrotel?

Centrotel has established itself as a leader in providing online technology and sales systems specifically designed for the hotel industry. 

Withwith over 12 years of expertise in the hospitality and online technology sectors, Centrotel has developed a Booking Engine that simplifies the process of selling any hotel service online. This tool is designed to integrate seamlessly into the official hotel website, accommodating a wide range of establishments from health resorts to urban and vacation hotels. 

With an emphasis on adapting to the unique commercial operations of each hotel, Centrotel ensures the implementation of the most effective data model for online sales strategies, regardless of their complexity.

How does the integration work?

The integration between Centrotel’s Booking Engine and HiJiffy’s AI-driven communication platform focuses on improving the pre-stay experience and driving direct bookings. This collaboration enables potential guests to effortlessly access real-time information on hotel availability and rates through HiJiffy’s conversational AI. 

By facilitating direct bookings in this manner, hotels can benefit from increased sales and improved profitability by reducing intermediary costs.

Key Advantages for Hoteliers

  • Direct Sales Growth: By leveraging Centrotel’s Booking Engine and HiJiffy’s AI, hotels can enhance their direct booking rates, thus reducing dependency on third-party platforms.
  • Cost Reduction: Integration helps in lowering the costs associated with third-party intermediaries, directly impacting the bottom line in a positive way.
  • Simplified Online Sales: Centrotel’s technology, coupled with HiJiffy’s conversational AI, makes online service booking straightforward for both the guest and the hotelier. This ease of use significantly improves the customer’s booking experience.

How to Implement This Integration

Hotels currently leveraging either Centrotel’s Booking Engine or HiJiffy’s platform can easily activate this integration by contacting their respective customer success managers. 

Those new to Centrotel or HiJiffy are encouraged to discover the benefits of this integration through a personalized demonstration, showcasing how these solutions can seamlessly work together to enhance your hotel’s operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.