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RoomRaccoon integration with HiJiffy

What is RoomRaccoon?

RoomRaccoon was founded in 2017 by an independent hotel owner and a tech entrepreneur who understood the need for an all-in-one hotel management system. The company has been recognised by HotelTechAwards as the best solution in this category in 2020 and 2021. Their system includes powerful features such as a booking engine, channel manager, property management system, and much more. Currently, more than 1,500 independent hotels across the globe use RoomRaccoon.

What does RoomRaccoon’s Booking Engine offer?

  • Roomraccoon aims to increase the direct bookings on the hotel website, by turning website visitors into paying guests
  • Completely customizable to adapt the website’s look and feel 
  • Maintains accurate rates and availabilities and eliminates the possibility of double bookings

Integration RoomRaccoon with HiJiffy

The integration with RoomRaccoon makes it possible for hotels using this booking engine to benefit from HiJiffy’s conversational AI to increase direct bookings, improve guest satisfaction, reduced response time for customer queries, and more.

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How does the HiJiffy integration with RoomRaccoon work?

The integration between HiJiffy and RoomRaccoon seamlessly enhances the capabilities of the Booking Engine, leveraging conversational AI to drive higher conversion rates. Website visitors can select the checkin and checkout dates prefered and see, on the room caroussel, the best options available. Once their preferred option is selected, the website visitors are redirected to RoomRaccoon’s booking engine to complete the booking process. All guest information and reservation detail already provided are extracted from the conversation and pre-filled, increasing the likelihood of completing the direct booking.

HiJiffy’s Conversational AI

What is HiJiffy’s conversational AI?

HiJiffy’s Guest Communications Hub is fueled by Aplysia OS, a proprietary conversational AI optimised for and trained in the hospitality industry. This advanced technology empowers hoteliers to improve performance at every step of the guest journey.


While researching their accommodation options, travellers usually compare available hotel deals across different platforms, including OTA listings and hotels’ own websites. HiJiffy’s solution actively engages with travellers right from the booking consideration phase to immediately answer guest queries and assist them with the booking process, as well as room upgrades and upselling.

Pre-stay and stay

From the moment the booking is made, as well as throughout guests’ stay at the hotel, HiJiffy’s Virtual Concierge identifies optimal moments to send personalised upselling offers. This can be done on the guests’ preferred communications channels, such as WhatsApp, SMS, or email. HiJiffy’s conversational AI can send welcome messages, reminders about the (online) check-in, and other information that can boost guest satisfaction and impact their experience at the hotel.


Hoteliers can also benefit from using AI-powered communications after the guests’ stay to ask for feedback and reviews, as well as create retention campaigns.