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HiJiffy’s Hotel Virtual Concierge is available 24/7 from the pre-stay stage until the guests departure. Engage with your upcoming visitors before their arrival, provide online check-in and check-out services and offer in-stay upselling opportunities to personalise your guests trip.

How does HiJiffy's Virtual Concierge work?

Connect with guest anytime, anywhere

Maximize your upselling opportunities

Automate your check-in and check-out just at your guest’s fingertips

Virtual Concierge Features

Front-Office AI Agent

An artificially intelligent virtual assistant that guides users through in-stay requests.

Digital Check-in

Offer pre-check-in forms to your upcoming guests and minimize the time at the reception.

Room Upgrades Campaigns

Communicate personalized room upgrade opportunities during the pre-arrival phase.

Upselling Campaings

Send automated messages to communicate personalized upselling campaigns.

Automated workflows

Automate workflows that are triggered throughout the guests stay.

Custom routing and escalations

Configure to whom would you like the request to be escalated or redirected when required.

Pre-programmed Guest Notifications

Create automatic notifications and digitalize repetitive administrative tasks.

Guest Satisfaction Surveys

Send guest satisfaction surveys directly to your guests phone and increase the participation rate to understand better your customer.

Guest Reviews Campaigns

Trigger recommendation campaigns to improve your brand reputation on platforms like TripAdvisor or Google.

Retention Campaigns

Create specific campaigns for past guests offering special deals and boost your hotels’ loyalty program.

Hotel Satisfaction Surveys: FAQ

A hotel satisfaction survey is a questionnaire issued to guests who have stayed in a hotel to receive feedback. While online reviews can offer a valuable insight into the highs and lows of guests’ experiences in an establishment, with a hotel satisfaction survey hoteliers can ask specific questions and target the gathering of feedback regarding particular areas of the business.

Hotel satisfaction surveys are delivered to guests after they have visited the establishment via the hotel’s preferred method of communication, such as email, text message, or a hotel app. The survey asks a specific set of questions so data can be easily gathered and analyzed. This data can then be used to highlight any areas where the hotel can improve and bring any issues to the front so they can be addressed. Hotel managers can learn which aspects of the hotel are most popular, which are lacking, and gain a true insight into the overall customer experience.

A survey gives hoteliers well-ordered data. They can tailor the questions to cover the areas they would like to know more about. It can highlight issues that managers were unaware of and pinpoint the most popular aspects of the hotel, so their potential can be maximized. Additionally, many people simply do not bother to give feedback regarding a hotel stay. Even if they have had a problem, they often do not take the time to leave a review or speak to hotel staff about it. There could be minor issues with the hotel that have not been important enough to bring to staff attention, but that could prevent visitors from returning. When hotels send out a survey, they are encouraging guests to give feedback that might ordinarily have been missed. 

The hotel satisfaction survey gives you the opportunity to collect the exact data you want at any one time. It is a good idea to alter your surveys from time to time to ensure you are getting feedback on everything you need. For example, if you have implemented any new guest services, you may want to add this to your survey. While you do not want to overload your guests with too many questions, you will want to ensure that key points are covered. You may wish to request a rating on the restaurant service, the comfort levels of the rooms, or the attentiveness of the reception staff. All this and more can easily be covered in a hotel satisfaction survey.

It is important to have a hotel satisfaction survey that is user-friendly and easy to fill out. Having lots of open-ended questions can put people off and see them giving up before completing the questionnaire. Pick your questions carefully so you can keep the survey short. Be very sure that all your questions are easy to understand, easy to answer, and available in a format that is pleasing to the eye. Being mobile-friendly is vital these days. If you want to add in free-form questions to allow guests to communicate complaints or offer specific compliments, make sure they are optional and featured at the end of your survey. 

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