In-Stay Phase

Automated, contactless and personalised

HiJiffy’s AI-powered virtual assistant is available 24/7 to respond to and engage with your upcoming guests from before their arrival through to departure. Provide online check-in and check-out services and offer in-stay upselling opportunities to personalise your hotel guests’ experience.

How does HiJiffy's virtual concierge work?

Connect with guest anytime, anywhere

Maximise your upselling opportunities

Automate your check-in and check-out at your guests' fingertips

What would it look like for you?

Let us show you.

Virtual concierge features in-stay

AI-powered concierge agent

An artificially intelligent virtual concierge assists guests with their requests.

Room upgrade messages

Suggest personalised room upgrade opportunities during the pre-arrival stage.

Digital check-in

Integrate your PMS to offer pre-check-in forms to your upcoming guests and minimise time spent at the reception.

Upsell and cross-sell campaigns

Send automated messages to communicate personalised upselling and cross-selling campaigns.

AI specialised in hospitality FAQs

Over 200 hospitality-specific FAQ topics available for hotels to train the chatbot, and the possibility of adding custom FAQs according to your needs.

Automated WhatsApp messages

Automate and trigger messages on your hotel’s WhatsApp channel throughout your guests’ journey, such as check-in/check-out campaigns, feedback campaigns, and more.

Custom team notifications

Set rules for notifying the right teams for specific requests.

Guest reviews and satisfaction surveys

Send guest satisfaction surveys during and at the end of the stay and obtain reviews for internal monitoring or external platforms like TripAdvisor or Google.

Customised campaigns for a target audience

Trigger campaigns for guests matching specific rate plans or profile (e.g. families, couples), subject to availability.

CSAT score metrics

Collect and access guests’ feedback to evaluate the performance of the chatbot and individual human agents.

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