Text Concierge

Automated, contactless and personalised

HiJiffy’s Hotel Virtual Concierge is available 24/7 from the pre-stay stage until the guests departure. Engage with your upcoming visitors before their arrival, provide online check-in and check-out services and offer in-stay upselling opportunities to personalise your guests trip.

How does HiJiffy's Virtual Concierge work?

Connect with guest anytime, anywhere

Maximize your upselling opportunities

Automate your check-in and check-out just at your guest’s fingertips

Virtual Concierge Features

Front-Office AI Agent

An artificially intelligent virtual assistant that guides users through in-stay requests.

Digital Check-in

Offer pre-check-in forms to your upcoming guests and minimize the time at the reception.

Room Upgrades Campaigns

Communicate personalized room upgrade opportunities during the pre-arrival phase.

Upselling Campaings

Send automated messages to communicate personalized upselling campaigns.

Automated workflows

Automate workflows that are triggered throughout the guests stay.

Custom routing and escalations

Configure to whom would you like the request to be escalated or redirected when required.

Pre-programmed Guest Notifications

Create automatic notifications and digitalize repetitive administrative tasks.

Guest Satisfaction Surveys

Send guest satisfaction surveys directly to your guests phone and increase the participation rate to understand better your customer.

Guest Reviews Campaigns

Trigger recommendation campaigns to improve your brand reputation on platforms like TripAdvisor or Google.

Retention Campaigns

Create specific campaigns for past guests offering special deals and boost your hotels’ loyalty program.

Text Concierge for Hotels: FAQs

Also known as a digital concierge or virtual concierge, it is an artificially intelligent system assisting hotel guests before, during and after their stay. Hoteliers can customise text concierge apps to reflect the hotel’s brand and offer it through an app or the website.

This AI-powered solution by HiJiffy covers the entire guest journey by being ready to engage and answer guest questions 24/7 in over 100 languages. From online check-in, through room upgrades and upsells, to check-out and optional marketing communications beyond the stay.

Some of the features of this text concierge include are powerful tools in the hotelier’s hands: automated workflows, custom routing and escalations, guest satisfaction surveys, guest review campaigns, and more. Hotels using HiJiffy’s Virtual Concierge have observed better staff retention and increased customer loyalty.

This AI system improves guest experience and staff productivity on many levels:

  • Higher customer satisfaction

Reduced response time has a high impact on guest satisfaction as their message will be answered by a text concierge immediately. If needed, the conversation can be seamlessly transferred to a human agent, although hotels using this solution are able to successfully automate over 85% of all guest communications.

  • Reduced reliance on staff numbers

As the hospitality industry faces the challenge of staff shortages, this solution is particularly valuable as it significantly reduced the volume of queries that reception staff has to process. Minimising repetitive tasks has a positive impact on job satisfaction and in turn, staff retention.

  • Upselling opportunities

A text concierge service at hotels is a great opportunity to deploy upselling campaigns to the guests. Delivering the right message at the right time and at the right channel, AI technology can also personalise the content of the promotional message to increase conversion rate and consequently increase revenue.

The text concierge solution has many features that have a positive impact on guest experience, revenue, and productivity of hotel staff. Below there are a few examples of the most commonly used features.

  • Digital check-in and check-out

Offering hotel guests an option to complete their check-in or check-out process on their own increases guest satisfaction, eliminates long waiting time at the front desk and reduces the volume of work for the reception team.

  • Marketing campaigns

Thanks to the automation and personalisation of marketing campaigns available to communicate through HiJiffy’s Virtual Concierge, guests are more likely to convert and take advantage of various marketing campaigns: from room upgrades prior to their arrival, to upselling in-stay, as well as special deals following their stay to encourage their return.

  • Route and escalate

Create custom escalation routes to pass on specific queries and requests to relevant teams. Take advantage of integrations with the best hotel management systems and automate procedures in payment gateways, maintenance and housekeeping systems, and more. Save time for your hotel staff and boost productivity.

  • AI-powered assistance

HiJiffy’s self-learning AI technology is specialised in hospitality with over six years of training. Virtual Concierge is a reliable solution for guest communications that still provides a personalised ‘human touch’ experience to the guests. It removes language barriers by offering bi-directional translation into 100+ languages.

  • Guest surveys

Automate asking guests for their feedback to improve their experience at your hotel and run campaigns to encourage guests to leave reviews for your hotel.

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