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Main benefits of HiJiffy solutions for Resorts

Increase Revenue

Enable opportunities for room upgrades and optimised upselling throughout the guest journey, and boost direct bookings with the help of conversational AI.

Increase Productivity

Empower your teams with actionable insights and data reports, optimise processes and find opportunities for reducing operating costs.

Improve Guest Experience

Amaze your guest with a personalised and engaging experience. Provide instant and tailored replies across all communication channels and take advantage of the centralised inbox.

Manage Guest Data Efficiently

Make the most of guest data by offering personalised services. Boost customer loyalty with targeted retention campaigns and reduce OTAs dependency.

AI-powered solution for Resorts

Why HiJiffy?

Check what Resorts are saying on HotelTechReport

"Improved guest experience and staffing utilization"

Director of Sales & Marketing

Resort in Philippines

"Very helpful to the business"​

It’s very easy to work with. Very user-friendly. It does leave us more time to deal with other matters.

General Manager

Resort in Portugal

"Great experience!"

Congratulations to the entire HiJiffy team for their efficiency, work ethic, support, and genuine concern for customer needs. Their Guest Messaging Software was definitely a major help to improve our brand’s communication channels.

Marketing Assistant

Resort in Portugal

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