November 2021 – November 2022

How Victoria Garden automated more than 80% of their online requests while delivering a personalised experience


AI-powered conversations


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Victoria Garden needed a solution that could help increase direct sales. They didn’t want to overload the team; in fact, they wanted to relieve them from repetitive tasks. They were also looking to keep the costs modest or even decrease them. These hoteliers needed a solution that could help them automate some tasks while keeping or increasing the quality of the service.


HiJiffy’s AI-Powered technology was utilised to transform Victoria Garden sales and customer care. HiJiffy’s Booking Assistant work with an optimised compilation of personalised instant responses, AI-machine learning, designated decision trees, and availability in over 100 languages. HiJiffy’s Booking Assistant helped them to focus on increasing sales whilst enabling guests to have answers to their FAQs instantly and 24/7.


“With HiJiffy’s Booking Assistant we were able to optimise our resources and improve our overall service. The team was able to automate repetitive requests that were incoming through the website or other channels, and at the same time they could focus on more challenging tasks.”

Hadrien Ormieres
Operations Manager
Victoria Garden

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