How Domaine & Demeure made over €157k in direct bookings with HiJiffy

May 2021 – August 2022


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Domaine & Demeure needed a solution to help them to increase revenue while providing an elevated guest experience.

The objective included the possibility of relieving the team from repetitive tasks to focus on delivering more value. In addition, they were also looking to keep the costs modest or even decrease them. The Domaine & Demeure team needed a solution that could help them automate some tasks while increasing the quality of the guest service.


A success story from the collaboration of D-EDGE and HiJiffy.

HiJiffy’s AI-powered technology was utilised to transform Domaine & Demeure’s sales and elevate their guest experience. HiJiffy’s Booking Assistant works with an optimised compilation of personalised instant replies, AI machine learning, designated decision trees, and availability in 100+ languages supporting the team with a ready-to-go virtual agent.

Thanks to D-EDGE’s API, Domaine & Demeure integrated their D-EDGE Booking Engine to HiJiffy’s Booking Assistant. Once the traveller’s question is answered, the Assistant links to the direct booking platform with a “Book Now” button, directly in the chat.

In a nutshell, HiJiffy’s Booking Assistant coupled with
D-EDGE Booking Engine helped the team increase direct bookings, upgrades, and upsells whilst delivering top-quality guest service anytime and anywhere.


“We decided to select HiJiffy based on their track record in enabling very high levels of task automation while improving guest satisfaction. The setup was quick thanks to seamless integration with our D-EDGE Booking Engine, and we could observe the benefits of using this AI-powered solution from the start. At a nearly complete automation level, our guests were delighted with the service they received via HiJiffy’s Booking Assistant. This combination translated to increased revenue which was one of our priorities too.”

Darren Kennedy
Director of Marketing, Sales & Reservations
Domaine & Demeure

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