How Lake District Hotels reduced incoming calls by 70% while increasing direct room bookings & table reservations.

March 2022 – August 2022


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Lake District Hotels are a luxurious and distinctive collection of six family-owned and run hotels located in the stunning surroundings of the Lake District in northwest England.

The group is best known for its award-winning service and warm hospitality which they continue to deliver year after year.


During the second half of 2021, Lake District Hotels experienced an unprecedented increase in guest calls, emails and digital messages compared to the previous year. Throughout this period, the group saw an impressive surge in room bookings which, in turn, resulted in an influx of general enquiries as travellers were keen to escape big cities and explore the Lake District region.

Due to this unforeseen increase in guest enquiries, the central reservations team who predominantly deal with room bookings and the reception teams who handle room allocations, dining reservations and face-to-face customer queries were often occupied with phone calls and unable to carry out their day-to-day tasks.


The Lake District Hotels digital team was tasked to find a personalisable chatbot solution that could engage with online visitors and help reduce the amount of queries coming in. HiJiffy’s Booking Assistant was first deployed as a trial at the Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa – the largest property within the group.

After being live for only a few weeks, the property experienced a significant reduction in inbound queries and a noticeable increase in direct bookings via HiJiffy’s solution. The success of the chatbot resulted in the group implementing the solution across all six hotels with similar positive results.

Thanks to the integration of HiJiffy’s conversational AI with the powerful Guestline DBM Booking Engine used by the Lake District Hotels, they could benefit from seamless syncing of the reservation details between the Booking Assistant, Guestline Direct Booking Manager and PMS. This connection enabled the reservations team to focus their attention on more complex enquiries, ensuring their guest would have answers to all their questions.

As a result, Lake District Hotels have seen a reduction in telephone calls by over 70% and over £50k of direct accommodation bookings within the first six months via the Booking Assistant.

Once live across all six properties, Lake District Hotels worked towards utilising HiJiffy across their Food & Beverage pages and as a result the ‘book a table’ landing page has correlated to over 500+ dining reservations.


“We were looking at solutions to reduce calls to our reception and reservations teams, HiJiffy’s automated Booking Assistant ticked all those boxes.

On launch, we very quickly achieved a 70% reduction in the type of calls with questions HiJiffy now answers, enabling our teams to spend more time converting reservation calls and assisting guests in the hotel. We are also very impressed with the amount of online room and table bookings the chatbot has assisted with.

Onboarding and support were superb throughout. HiJiffy’s solution is now one of our most useful tools, I would recommend it to anyone in the industry.”

James Pass
Head of Digital
Lake District Hotels

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