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Main benefits of HiJiffy solutions for Mid-Market Hotels

Increase Revenue

Make the most of profit opportunities at every step of the guest journey. Take advantage of AI-powered conversations enabling direct bookings, room upgrades and upselling.

Improve Guest Experience

Surpass the expectations of your guest with an engaging experience and streamlined omnichannel communications offering instant and personalised replies.

Automatise Procedures

Enable the AI specialised in hospitality to perform regular tasks and process in-house requests. Reduce staff workload and improve the efficiency of your operations.

Manage Guest Data Efficiently

Offer tailored services for elevated guest experiences based on actionable data insights and valuable reports. Reduce OTAs dependency by boosting customer loyalty.

AI-powered solution for Mid-Market Hotels

Why HiJiffy?

Check what Mid-market Hotels are saying on HotelTechReport

"Essential guest communication tool"

How easy is to use it and to get in contact with the guest through different channels. Simple, easy, fast. And simultaneous translation to many different languages.


General Manager

City Centre Hotel in Spain

"Amazing product"

The chatbot has a fantastic automatic rate of reply… we are talking about huge amount of time that our front office, public relations and reservations save in their daily routines and can focus on the guest.

Operations Manager

Branded Hotel in Portugal

"Let HiJiffy take care of FAQs"

Since we started using HiJiffy we never bothered to reply FAQs and keeping our focus on most important thing, customer service. HiJiffy can also help with online booking! So you will never miss on potential booking.

Hotel Manager

City Centre Hotel in Australia

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