How Balneario de Archena used conversational AI to resolve 93% of guest queries and generate over €380K in direct bookings.

A case study of a successful collaboration between HiJiffy and Roiback.

November 2021 – November 2022:






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The Balneario de Archena is a natural thermal complex of more than 200,000 m². Located in the Spanish province of Murcia, the Balneario de Archena is a natural thermal complex in the Natural Park of Valle de Ricote, next to the Segura River.

The hotel complex is made up of three properties: Hotel Termas, Hotel Levante and Hotel León.

Built in the 19th century, Hotel Termas offers 65 rooms with an elegant and traditional Spanish feel and is the main property of the complex. Hotel Levante, comprising 68 rooms, is a four-star modern hotel designed for families and couples. With its 117 rooms, Hotel León offers direct access to the Thermal Gallery and views of nearby lemon groves and the river promenade.


The team at the Balneario de Archena was looking for a solution that would reduce the number of calls, emails and social media messages that needed to be answered by the reception staff.

The ideal solution would also need to be seamlessly integrated with the Roiback booking engine already successfully implemented at the hotel complex.


HiJiffy’s Guest Communications Hub was implemented on the Balneario de Archena’s website chat and Facebook page.

Powered by the most advanced conversational AI in hospitality, the solution engaged with over 77K guest queries, automatically resolving 93% of them.

The reception staff was relieved from answering repetitive FAQs such as discounts and special offers inquiries, or questions about the thermal complex and spa & wellness services. Instead, they were available to work on other tasks where they could bring the most value to the guest experience.

Thanks to the seamless integration with the Roiback booking engine, HiJiffy’s conversational AI was able to guide chat users through the booking process. This resulted in over 1.1K completed reservations that originated in the chat, bringing €389K in revenue from direct bookings.


We were looking for an efficient and intuitive solution that would assist our staff and reduce their workload related to processing guest communications and assisting with bookings.

Soon after launching HiJiffy’s solution on the chat widget on our website, we noticed their conversational AI was able to answer most of the incoming queries, requiring our staff to assist with only a fraction of them. On a scale of 77 thousand inquiries in the last year, it was a superb help.

It was also fantastic to see how well it worked with our booking engine, Roiback, bringing over 1,100 direct bookings over the chat and generating revenue.

Alfonso Vilaseca Muños
Marketing Director
Balneario de Archena

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