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Case Studies of our Clients

Leonardo Hotels achieved 93% automation of 281K queries using HiJiffy's conversational AI

“Integrating HiJiffy’s chatbot solution has transformed our customer service experience. (…) This enhancement has not only streamlined our operations but also boosted guest satisfaction and fortified our brand reputation. Without a doubt, partnering with HiJiffy has been an important step forward for Leonardo Hotels.”

Dan Ogen – Chief Digital & Marketing Officer Europe
Leonardo Hotels

La Butte uses HiJiffy's automated WhatsApp campaigns to prepare for guests' arrival and boost additional sales

“The chatbot, combined with campaign mailings via WhatsApp, helps us in our day-to-day work and has enabled us to reduce the volume of emails and/or calls of all kinds and focus on the people on the ground.

This process improves the guest experience as they can find the information they are looking for. With support and contacts who know their tools, it’s a winning partnership!”

Emmanuel Riffault – Revenue Manager
La Butte

Lamington Group’s gradual rollout of HiJiffy's conversational AI towards a 93% automation and 87% CSAT score

“We had a great implementation process (…) that contributed to the high CSAT score and also getting the team on board with the automated solution. Besides seeing the results, the process of gaining trust and confidence is all about learning the wider benefits of AI to support the guest journey.“

Alicia van Wyk – Marketing Project Manager
Lamington Group

Hotel Gran Bilbao and Hotel Ciudad de Burgos increase their online check-ins by 200% using HiJiffy's conversational AI

“HiJiffy has enabled us to digitise and automate different processes in our hotels, allowing our teams to focus on what adds value to the customer experience and letting HiJiffy manage those automated processes that do not add value.

Thanks to the chatbot, we can automatically attend to user queries on our website, with a degree of automation and satisfaction of 90%, helping to reduce the number of telephone calls we receive.”

Raúl Amestoy – Director of Sales & Marketing
Hotel Gran Bilbao

HiJiffy helps USSIM Vacances reduce 100+ weekly calls while improving customer service quality

“The kindness and availability of Elodie, our CSM, who demonstrated remarkable patience, availability and responsiveness. The flexibility and educational approach of Alizé, the French Manager. The formidable efficiency of a duo at the service of guest satisfaction. Ultimately, it’s the human behind the AI that makes HiJiffy so enjoyable!“

HiJiffy’s conversational AI at PortoBay automates 80% of guest queries, facilitates pre-check-ins, and increases direct bookings and cross-selling.

“From the first moment I met Tiago Araújo from HiJiffy, I felt an enormous enthusiasm and confidence in the people behind the project. The product that was presented in 2017 was completely innovative in the sector and PortoBay was an early adopter of this technology. One of HiJiffy’s most interesting skills was its great ability to listen to the customer and focus on bringing solutions. We feel that we co-created some of the solutions and that is the best thing we can have in a partnership.”

Fabíola Pereira – Chief Marketing Officer
PortoBay Hotels & Resorts

Kora Living’s journey to 60% online check-ins, increased cross-selling, and automating 83% of guest queries with HiJiffy’s conversational AI

“HiJiffy is a tool that has allowed us to automate a large part of the communication system in our two properties, to have a 24-hour sales assistant that is operational and generates revenue, gives us metrics that help us to know our guests better and what they want to experience in a Kora Living accommodation. Being a tool that works via API has allowed us to automate other processes such as automatic sending of WiFi codes, access to electronic lock keys during check-in, etc.”

Macdonald Hotels & Resorts uses HiJiffy's solution to achieve 100% automation for their online guest communications

Lake District Hotels reduces incoming calls by 70% while increasing direct room bookings and table reservations after implementing HiJiffy's solution

“We were looking at solutions to reduce calls to our reception and reservations teams, and HiJiffy’s solution ticked all those boxes.

On launch, we very quickly achieved a 70% reduction in the type of calls with questions HiJiffy now answers, enabling our teams to spend more time converting reservation calls and assisting guests in the hotel. We are also very impressed with the amount of online room and table bookings the chatbot has assisted with.

Onboarding and support were superb throughout. HiJiffy’s solution is now one of our most useful tools, I would recommend it to anyone in the industry.”

Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts generates €14M in direct bookings using HiJiffy's solution

Magic Costa Blanca reaches 87% automation of guest requests in one year of using HiJiffy's solution

Domaine & Demeure makes over €157K in direct bookings with HiJiffy

“We decided to select HiJiffy based on their track record in enabling very high levels of task automation while improving guest satisfaction. The setup was quick thanks to seamless integration with our D-EDGE Booking Engine, and we could observe the benefits of using this AI-powered solution from the start. At a nearly complete automation level, our guests were delighted with the service they received via HiJiffy’s chatbot. This combination translated to increased revenue, which was also one of our priorities.”

NAU Hotels & Resorts implements a conversational AI agent to resolve 85% of guest queries automatically

“We needed a reliable solution to automate tasks and to be more present in the guests’ booking decision process. 

We also wanted to support our front office staff by reducing the number of incoming questions they would need to answer every day. HiJiffy’s AI answers nearly all common questions automatically.

With HiJiffy, we are now able to connect better with our guests and provide better service. We are happy with our results.”

João Santos – Marketing Manager
NAU Hotels & Resorts

Victoria Garden automates over 80% of online requests using HiJiffy's AI while delivering a personalised experience