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A case study of a successful implementation of the HiJiffy solutions.

Results from July 2019 until March 2023:

NAU Hotels & Resorts implements a conversational AI agent to resolve 85% of guest queries automatically​




CSAT score




Under the signature “Leading Guest Happiness”, NAU Hotels & Resorts seeks to enhance the value of the time of its guests, leading them to feelings of happiness and relaxation through a customised and adaptable service.

NAU Hotels & Resorts is distinguished by the diversity of locations, positioning in the upper segment and quality of the installations: large spaces, spas, meeting rooms and auditoriums, golf courses, among other areas.

The NAU Hotels & Resorts Group is present in two regions of Portugal: Lisbon and Algarve, having in its portfolio eight luxury hotel units, all of them with 4 and 5 stars.

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Challenges nau hotels & resorts


NAU Hotels & Resorts wanted to increase direct bookings, so the solution would need to be integrated with their booking engine.

The group also wanted to relieve staff from repetitive tasks. Ideally, the solution would automate answering commonly asked questions in the pre-stay and in-stay stages of the guest journey, as well as automate tasks, such as facilitating online check-in and check-out.

The solution would need to demonstrate guests’ satisfaction with the service provided to evaluate its performance.


NAU Hotels & Resorts Group chose HiJiffy’s Guest Communications Hub and implemented it across the full guest journey in July 2019. Powered by self-learning conversational AI specialised in hospitality, available in 100+ languages and 24/7, the solution delivered value from day one.

Ever since going live, the solution has responded to over 162K conversations across the hotels’ key channels, including the website widget, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The AI-powered agent received an 86% CSAT score for successfully resolving queries such as availability checks, answering questions related to COVID-19, or providing information about transfers and events. The solution was also used to automatically send online check-in and check-out campaigns to guests.

Taking advantage of a seamless integration with the booking engine, NAU Hotels & Resorts also observed a boost in direct bookings. 

Solution nau hotels & resorts
Review nau hotels & resorts


We needed a reliable solution to automate tasks and to be more present in the guests’ booking decision process. 

We also wanted to support our front office staff by reducing the number of incoming questions they would need to answer every day. HiJiffy’s AI answers nearly all common questions automatically.

With HiJiffy, we are now able to connect better with our guests and provide better service. We are happy with our results.

João Santos
Marketing Manager
NAU Hotels & Resorts

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