Maciej 2023
January 26, 2023

Trends in Guest Communications in 2023 [Free E-book]

Explore ongoing and upcoming trends shaping how hotels communicate with guests in 2023

In this free publication, using data and reports from the industry as well as our insights, we delve into current and upcoming trends in guest communications that should be a worthwhile focus for all hoteliers in 2023.

The hospitality industry has always been highly competitive, with hoteliers racing to offer the latest, most extraordinary facilities and add that extra level of attention to detail that keeps guests coming back and encourages them to leave positive reviews. Offering superior customer service within a hotel setting relies on combining many factors to create one fantastic guest experience. The search for a competitive advantage never stops; subsequently, it fuels the appetite for technical developments.

At HiJiffy, our mission is to better connect hotels with their guests by developing the most advanced conversational AI for hospitality. It means we not only follow and respond to trends in guest communications but also contribute to shaping the technological landscape in hospitality by innovating our solutions and reimagining guest communications with hoteliers.

Making the best use of available technology is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd. These days it is more than simply an added extra that is nice to have. Now more than ever, guests expect a certain level of automation and personalisation within many aspects of their stay. Being slow to adopt modern technologies can leave your business lagging behind or could mean you miss out on the opportunities using these systems can bring your way. 

However, this sophisticated digital world and the sheer number of hotel tech solutions available can be, at times, overwhelming. Which trends in guest communications are likely to become a standard? Which type of benefits can they bring to your business? And ultimately, the rise of which trends will result in the most significant increase in guest satisfaction and increased revenue? 

E book trends guest communications trends in guest communications in 2023 [free e-book]

A free e-book on key trends in guest communications in 2023

This publication explores six ongoing and emerging trends in guest communications for this year. Trends that you should certainly be paying attention to and consider implementing within your establishment if you have not already done so:

  • Further digitalisation of communication
  • Personalisation and tailored communication
  • Conversational Artificial Intelligence
  • Navigating communications with sentiment analysis
  • Streamlining all communication channels
  • Voicebots and Interactive Conversational Voice Response Systems

When you open your mind to the possibilities and look at the advantages of some of these trends, you soon begin to discover the many benefits they can bring to your hotel. Benefits of time-saving, reducing staff workload, and being able to offer self-service options through a variety of communication channels. An opportunity to automate processes and keep on top of your correspondence and social media communications with ease. The ability to better understand your guests’ needs and true feelings regarding your hotel and the service they have received.

Once you step forward and make these upgrades, you will find more data available. It allows you to analyse this data to bring valuable insights into the best ways to move forward and ensures you make your investments and enhancements exactly where needed.

Maciej 2023
Senior Content & Brand Specialist

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