The first Guest Communications Operating System


The most advanced AI specialized in Hospitality

Self-learning NLP

Self-supervised learning for unlabeled data, removing the need for manually labeling

Sentiment Analysis

A technique used to determine whether data is positive, negative or neutral

Syntax & Semantic

To understand the intent that is being requested by the user

Behavioral Analysis

Analyse Big Data to create clusters and segments based on user patterns

Prediction & Forecasting

Use Machine Learning models to predict business variables as sales, risks or trends

Customer Profiling

Build comprehensive profiles of customers using AI techniques

Neural Text-to-Speech

Capacity to reproduce human-like natural prosody and clear articulation of words


Using advanced techniques to process conversations and interpret customer intent

Data Mining

Extracting and collating the most useful elements from the rich data from conversations


The 4 C’s that compose this revolutionary solution



Understanding emotion

Aplysia is able to address a variety of human language challenges related to Syntax, Semantic Analysis and Emotion. By understanding the emotion associated, conversations are prioritized and automatically escalated to the right department.


Removing friction

Aplysia OS brings together the guest’s favourite communication channels, from social media to messaging apps, and connects them to the different hotel management systems, from booking engines to PMS or CRMs.


Boosting productivity

Aplysia OS features a powerful Console, accessible via Desktop, browser or the Android or iOS apps, that allows hotels to manage, automate and measure all aspects of their guest communications. It’s one platform, with all the channels, for all teams and all the work.


Unlocking scalability

Aplysia OS gives hoteliers the flexibility of connecting their business anywhere, at any time, avoiding having to purchase expensive systems and equipment. It allows hotels to easily scale operations with total security.










Elevated guest interactions

Automating over 85% of the guests’ interactions, Aplysia OS is able to handle communications in 99% of the spoken languages in the world.


Doing more, with less

Aplysia OS is the right solution for hoteliers looking for

Guest Satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction with better (and digitalized) guest experiences.


Increase productivity with powerful automation, including custom escalations.


Generate more revenue with increased direct booking, upgrades and upsells opportunities

More than a technology, a vision

Hospitality is more than a service, is an experience.
That’s why Aplysia is more than a technology, is a vision.

Aplysia is going to break barriers between what’s the AI interaction and the human interaction, it’s going to unify both sides and make it a single interaction, without any barriers.

Aplysia is not a step to substitute humans in Hospitality, but actually the opposite. Aplysia is going to elevate the role played by the staff, walking side by side to offer the perfect guest experience.

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