3 reasons why your hotel must embrace chat

Messaging is starting to explode as an engagement channel at hotels. Learn why.
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July 16, 2018

Messaging apps and chatbots are gaining favour across a wide-range of industries. Executives find them really helpful, especially regarding customer service and purchase decisions. A study from OpenMarket confirms the increasing enthusiasm for text-based interfaces among potential hotel customers.

Actually, more than 90% of the respondents said that responding to the hotel via text message is “very” or “somewhat” useful. There are a number of reasons why travellers like this text interfaces. Avoid calling the front desk or having the confirmation details easily accessible are among the reasons.

Consumers have adopted messaging as “the new language of the globe” so, it makes sense that messaging is starting to explode as an engagement channel at hotels. Hoteliers are finally realizing how this medium is a great opportunity to engage and provide service to their guests.

They are starting to understand the importance of messaging as a way of building loyalty, increasing engagement, enhancing guests’ overall experience at the hotel and as a way of augmenting direct bookings.

Messaging apps make smart hotels so, on today’s post we’re going to highlight 3 reasons why you should use this medium in your Hotel:

1. It’s a Powerful Marketing Tool

Messaging technology has never before allowed a more personalized and sophisticated customer service experience than now! To communicate via messaging apps enables a more private and personal interaction with guests. Instant messaging adds the human touch to your online presence and allows clients to build a trusting relationship with your hotel.

Ultimately, these apps will help you increase conversions and customer satisfaction. Not to mention the fact that by gathering information, you will later be able to customize services and marketing strategies for specific travellers.

There’s no doubt that hotel promotional messaging is a powerful marketing tool if you bear in mind the fact that it has become the preferred method of communication between consumers and businesses. New hospitality demands continuous, end-to-end

HiJiffy.com guest engagement. Messaging is key in providing your hotel with the ability to engage and even upsell guests across the entire travel lifecycle, continuously. Mobile messaging fully complements face-to-face interactions and ensures that no guest leaves the property unengaged.

2. App fatigue is a thing

For the last couple of years, Apps have been the new software “gold rush”. The market is saturated with all kinds of games, commerce and social media platforms – there is truly an app for everything and everyone! Thus, it does not come as a surprise that everyone close to technology is suffering from what has been called as App Fatigue.

Regardless, several hotels still choose to build their mobile app, ignoring the fact that 77% of users never use an app again 72 hours after installing, resulting in a lack of guest engagement. With messaging apps, guests don’t need to install a new app and get to, instead use one they are already familiar with.

3. Automation has benefits for everyone

Automation has tangible benefits for both hotels and guests. Messaging apps give the possibility of implementing a chatbot. What does this mean for Hotels? Bots save your staff time, that is, automation keeps staff from having to manually respond to every single query they receive from guests and potential guests. Consequently, they can work more efficiently on other tasks.

Hotel chatbots give immediate responses and are available 24/7 guaranteeing that guests’ replies and requests are attended to promptly. So, a higher level of loyalty and trust will be established between the guests and the hotel. Not to mention the cost reduction and increased revenue associated with AI-powered bots.

And what are the benefits for guests? Chatbots allow self-serving, meaning that guests can perform tasks on their own without depending on other people. Bots permit personalized services, through their PMS system, the hotel can save data about guests’ preferences and later on use it to design a tailored experience for them.

Lastly, the convenience factor is often associated with chatbots. They provide the right service at the right time. If you are thinking about embracing messaging and having a chatbot or concierge software in your hotel, HiJiffy is a solution to consider. Our service is proven to increase Hotel’s revenue with direct bookings, whilst offering guests a top service, with a 24/7 communication channel with the hotel.

Messaging is a big game changer for hotels! What are you waiting for?

Head of Business Development @HiJiffy

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