HiJiffy’s new Contact Creation Automation feature

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Contact creation automation feature
June 18, 2021

Don’t let data silos take away from delivering personalized customer care. HiJiffy’s new feature harmonises incoming data through multiple channels meaning that whether your guest contacts you on Facebook Messenger first, and later through Web Chat, HiJiffy’s system will be able to aggregate all past conversations in one place! It provides a holistic view of all contact with guest to deliver the best guest care. By using this feature, hoteliers can make customer relationship management, guest experience, sales and marketing efforts more impactful.

Key Functionalities:

  • More connections, less silos! Connections between contacts (guests), conversations (any channel), reservations (bookings) and requests (service tickets) are enabled with this new feature. See a detailed overview and insight into the relationship your guest has had with your business.
  • Contacts: have all your contacts accessible from the sidebar.
  • Manage, organize and engage your contact list: With any contact detail, you can quickly find the guest that you’re looking for.
  • Automation galore: the feature automatically creates qualified contact lists based on interactions like conversations, requests or reservations.
  • Organized customer interactions: Instantly have an overview of all past conversations with the contact, and dive into the conversation you need.
  • Export: HiJiffy offers easy exportation of data so you can import it anywhere else.
  • More Integrations: HiJiffy integrates and connects with the most powerful CRMs and automatically creates contacts, opportunities, leads, deals and service tickets. This enables the reduction of the time an agent takes to fill all those data gaps on their CRM or spreadsheet.

Isn’t it great when you have all the information you’re looking for on one screen? No need to switch systems. No need to spend time searching for email history. All details of the contact, all in one page.

We’ve worked hard to deliver a customer centric approach to client management. This feature is able to highlight the custom relationships created with guests, based on specific contact properties. It unearths a new layer of personalized communication and a clear and organized overview of customer interactions. The feature covers all the bases from guest activities to interactions between guest and hotel! With such a high focus on guest experience, we’re certain that this feature will allow our hoteliers to monitor all contacts at any stage in the guest life cycle and keep the spark alive!

HiJiffy is moving to an omni-channel approach whereby hotels can have one place with all contacts of guests. Our aim is to revolutionize the methods that the hospitality industry use to manage data. The feature enables HiJiffy to be more ubiquitous and intelligently help clients to better understand their guest queries. HiJiffy automatically creates the right customer data reducing administrative time maximizing productivity.

If you’d like to gain a deep insight into your customer experience and provide personalised care, book a demo with an HiJiffy specialist here.

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Head of Business Development @HiJiffy

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