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Digitalise your hotel messenger with AI

Streamlined and automated messaging throughout the entire guest journey.

Answering FAQs

A virtual assistant powered by conversational AI specialised in hospitality provides information requested by prospective guests. Answering faqs v2 hotel messenger

Chat-based booking

AI virtual assistant guides users through the booking process. Chat based booking hotel messenger

Welcome message

Automate messages that are triggered before, during or after the check-in stage to enhance the guest experience. Welcome message hotel messenger

Digital check-in

Integrate your PMS to offer pre-check-in forms to your upcoming guests and minimise time spent at the reception. Adding digital keys is also possible. Check in online hotel messenger

In-house requests

An AI-powered virtual concierge automatically processes guests' in-stay requests and communicates them to the right team. Iin house requests hotel messenger

Upsell and cross-sell campaigns

Send automated messages to suggest personalised upselling and cross-selling campaigns. Upsell and cross sell campaigns hotel messenger

Satisfaction surveys

Send guest surveys to measure satisfaction during the stay. Satisfaction surveys hotel messenger

Check-out campaigns

Send automated messages to facilitate the check-out process. Check out campaigns hotel messenger

Guest reviews campaigns

Send automated messages to obtain reviews for internal evaluation or external platforms like TripAdvisor or Google. Guest reviews campaigns hotel messenger


Customer satisfaction score


Online check-in completion


Direct Booking conversion with the chatbot


Reduction of incoming calls


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Hotel Messenger: FAQs

Hotel Messenger is an important tool that helps in managing the overall process of customer service and support in the hotel industry. To meet the high demand of fulfilling the needs of clients and customers, the use of such a tool becomes critically essential to improve overall efficiency in the hotel business.

Through hotel messenger, the staff of any hotel can send messages to guests.  This can also be done in bulk numbers for corporate clients. The messages sent in such a scenario are all customised, thus reducing the work of typing a single message manually and sending it to many clients.

Lucid and clear words are used through mobile messaging to make sure that the messages received by guests are clear and understandable. Hence, the guest would not find it cumbersome to use this kind of medium of communication. An example of the same would be the receipt of a hotel message to guests that would welcome them on arrival and a thank you message during their departure.

Some of the characteristic features of hotel messenger include:

  • The easy and automated messaging facility.
  • Time Saver.
  • Improves and elevates customer support and satisfaction.
  • Cost-effective solution.

The use of such software allows the hotels to make sure that they develop and integrate many channels of their existing network. This kind of software assists the hotel in interacting with the guests through a messaging app. A hotel message to guests is sent through this tool which could be linked through any website or mobile application like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. The hotel guest messaging is usually chat-based, ensuring timely support and assistance to the guests.

Through this hotel messaging platform, the hotel staff can provide timely updates to the guests about their queries. Also, guests can communicate through the hotel messaging feature on their phone or device and place the required requests with the hotel staff. Through mobile messaging, most of the requests can be customized.

The use of a robust hotel messenger solution, like the one provided by HiJiffy, has many advantages, including:

  • Improved efficiency and consistent communication

Using such an interactive medium can help reduce the physical efforts of existing manpower who are often on the run to check the guests’ needs. Through such an online medium of communication, one can make sure that the frequent requests of the guests are catered to, time and again. 

Even after the guests have checked out, the staff can receive feedback and reviews through links sent via mobile messaging for a quick survey and long-term improvement.

  • Improved revenue

The hotel business demands constant and continuous satisfaction from their clients. A hotel message to guests can be sent to make sure the communication is constant. The excess labour can then be upskilled by using the portal to meet and keep a regular check on the frequent requests of the clients. 

Implementing this innovative tool into your existing system can create serious spikes in customer satisfaction and help reduce costs associated with excessive labour.

  • Time-saving, easy and safe

In the present situation, where social distancing is the most important measure to reduce the spread of the covid virus, the use of mobile messaging for hotels can help prevent occurrences of symptomatic illnesses, which can happen through frequent contact of hotel staff and guests.

  • Helps overcome the shortage of staff.

In instances where a hotel is experiencing a shortage of skilled manpower and labour, the use of an online portal that is handy helps solve problems when there is higher attrition or more absenteeism.

  • Personalised and Professional experience

This form of guest messaging facility, when used, can make sure that both the host and guests have an extremely professional interaction as and when required. The requests can be made quickly, and responses are also given spontaneously by the host party.

No, absolutely not. HiJiffy’s hotel messaging platform is extremely easy to use. In fact, it helps in managing the needs and requirements of guests effectively. It can be integrated with the existing CRM (customer relationship management) tool of the hotel. This platform is paid; however, acquiring the same for your business needs can be done at various competitive prices. 

Traditional systems like Property Management System (PMS), Booking Engine, and  Housekeeping File records are now well modified and adapted into this software. Thus, having one common point to keep the activities of the business going.  Task management for housekeeping can now be easily tracked down through this medium of communication. Also, the various housekeeping tools and tasks can be looked into through the console.

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