HiJiffy integrates with E-mail and Booking.com Messages

Manage all your requests coming from e-mail and Booking.com messages from a one-stop solution
Booking. Com messages integration
January 31, 2019

You speak, we listen!

We’re delighted to announce that we have launched two new integrations, e-mail, and Booking.com messages, following the recent integration launches of Facebook Messenger and Chat Widget!

Why is this important?

HiJiffy’s integration with e-mail

HiJiffy is changing the way hotels handle their Customer Care. With the launching of these two new channels, we’re introducing not only a unified inbox, but we’re also taking it to the next step: an all-in-one communication platform to help hotels all over the world improve their guests’ experience.

E-mail and Booking.com Messages are two essential channels for Hotels, where they receive not only booking requests, but all sorts of queries to handle.

We’ve gathered our most valued customers’ feedback about the way they were handling their guests’ requests and most of them were struggling with having a vast number of communication channels to manage, which besides from being mostly ineffective, it was also delivering a poor guest experience, by missing some queries and not identifying the guest accurately.

When to a list of two or three channels you also add e-mail and Booking.com Messages, you’ll end up realizing it’s not all fun and games. Why? Well, e-mail is not a collaborative tool per se, so it’s hard to have different people managing one single e-mail inbox. Not being able to assign requests and quickly figure out which e-mails were replied to and by whom leads to chaos in your Hotel’s Customer Care service.

When it comes to Booking.com, this is the number one online hotel reservation service in the world. Studies show that more than 50% of all hotel nights booked in Europe alone nowadays are booked through this platform. This is huge! However, for hoteliers, this also means another channel to manage — and one that only allows queries to be replied to from an e-mail or Booking.com’s extranet.

Now, you don’t want to cut on these communication channels — the more, the merrier, so your guests can interact with you through their channel of choice. But you need to make sure that not only their queries are seen and replied to as soon as possible, but also that they don’t have to repeat themselves in different channels over and over again to get an answer. Besides, if you keep track of their profiles and deliver a customized experience, you’ll know you’re stepping up your Customer Care game!

What’s new?

HiJiffy’s integration with Booking.com Messages

HiJiffy’s all-in-one communication console is the only service you need to handle your hotel Customer Care. By centralizing all requests and information about your guests, you don’t need to jump from one inbox or app to the other.

Instead, you can manage all your requests coming from Facebook messenger, website’s chat widget, e-mail and Booking.com messages from a one-stop solution that we have developed primarily for Hotels.

Also, from a Marketing point of view, you can take your hotels’ brand further by being available in more communication channels, social media included, without that meaning increasing the work hours or harming your customer care performance.

What does this mean for the agents using the console?

By offering agents a unified e-mail and Booking.com messages management, so they can handle all the queries coming from these platforms just like with any other request — filter by order, search by term, assign to a colleague, tag them, and so on — and by having access to our canned responses, agents can speed up the response time.

With these new integrations for our Console, all the agents are now synced and can easily see what has been replied to and by which colleague. Even if they happen to pick up the request halfway, they will have access to all conversation history between the guest and the agents in a time-effective way.

What’s better than your guest feeling special? By storing and managing all your guests’ information and profiles, you can provide them with a tailored approach by knowing if they’re new or returning guests, when the conversation started and what’s its status. In short, and we can’t stress this enough, the more your guests feel you care for them, the more they will return to your property and recommend your hotel!

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Head of Business Development @HiJiffy

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