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Hotel Service Automation: FAQs

Hotel Service Automation Tools give hotel owners control over the automation of a wide range of services. These tools allow you to offer fast and efficient services while optimizing labor and reducing costs. Hotel Service Automation needs to work seamlessly with your other systems. Service automation tools can be incredibly valuable when integrated with booking and payment systems and maintenance and housekeeping systems.

There is a range of benefits for hoteliers using Service Automation Tools:

  • Reduced staff workload

By automating customer processes, guests will have less need to interact directly with staff, freeing up personnel for other tasks. For example, by automating the check-in process, guests can check-in via mobile app, and go directly to their room, with no need to queue at reception, and no lengthy check-in procedure.

  • An extra level to the guest experience

Room features can be automated and accessed digitally, adjusting temperature, lighting, and the like at the touch of a button. The system may be used to put in requests for booking extra services such as dinner reservations or spa treatments, or to ask for room service, laundry collection or to report a problem with the room. Requests can be instantly fielded to the relevant department, prioritized, and actioned fast. With hotel service automation, everything becomes easier, both for guests and hotel staff.

  • Detailed task management

The system will also enable the automatic management of tasks, prioritizing, and delegating work. Setting up staff rotas and allocating tasks is time-consuming, and when someone calls in sick, the process must be reassessed. By using service automation tools, this can all be done automatically, and the system will adapt whenever there is an unforeseen circumstance such as staff absences or additional workload.

  • Competitive advantage in the market

Digital automation in the hotel industry is soon going to become a standard. By ensuring your hotel offers all the latest technology now, you will be keeping up with developments, and so you can always offer the latest features and services, rather than being a step behind and playing catch up.

When you add in a great deal of automation, it is essential not to lose the personal touch which is often most greatly conveyed when guests interact with hotel staff. To address this, implementing HiJiffy’s conversational solutions allows your business to ‘talk’ to your guests via digital channels and adds a human aspect to the automated processes. Of course, this also gives you an extra opportunity to upsell or cross-sell your products and services.

It may seem complicated, but all the hard work has already been done for you. HiJiffy ensures its technology works with the most popular hotel service automation systems. The integration process can be completed very quickly, and activating the HiJiffy services is instantaneous.

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