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Integration with Hotel Marketing Systems

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Hotel Marketing Systems: FAQs

Offering your guests exclusive deals, along with upselling and cross-selling extra services not only enhances the experience of your customers but also brings your business more revenue. Marketing can be a complicated procedure that is hard to get right, but with the right hotel marketing system, the process can be more efficient and effective.

Hotel marketing software will integrate with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to access the data it needs to bring a personalized marketing service to every customer. There are many hospitality marketing tools available that enable you to reach out to your guests through various channels, including social media. Not only will hotel upsell software automate the offers and services sent to each customer, but it will also tailor the communications to have the most significant impact. For example, a guest visiting on their birthday could be offered a cake and champagne in their room; a family visiting for just one night might appreciate an offer to extend their stay and receive a complimentary breakfast included.

Hoteliers can access a range of benefits by using hotel marketing tools:

  • The right offers at the right time

You will have a  higher success rate if you time your offers well. Encouraging a guest to stay longer needs planning, which translates to an offer to put in front of the guest when booking. Enticing them with a deal on spa treatments can be saved for later, even when the guest is already at the hotel. Rather than overwhelming guests with a myriad of deals and extras, the system works out what will be the most attractive offers and services for each guest, and markets to them accordingly.

  • Time-saving automation

Hospitality marketing tools can be used to pre-plan and schedule a wide range of marketing tasks. For example, there is no need to remember to email each guest to offer dinner reservations because your hotel marketing software will do it for you.

  • An increased number of payment options

The best hotel payment processing systems will accommodate many payment options. From credit and debit cards to Apple Pay and Google Pay. You may have visitors from all over the globe using cards from foreign providers. By using a good payment gateway, a hotel can accept all these cards without an issue, making it convenient for your overseas guests. Additionally, by using the services of a payment gateway, whenever a new payment option becomes popular, it will be integrated into the system, so you will not have to worry about implementing anything new yourself.

  • Deals can change according to dates or other criteria

You can set up a range of deals and offers that are put forth at particular times or in certain circumstances. If you have a lot of vacancies, the system can send out a low room rate deal for last-minute bookings. If a particular holiday is approaching, you can link offers to this and set a pre-determined expiry date to add urgency to the offer.

  • A well-delivered offer will be more widely accepted

Everyone has their preferred method of communication. An email suggesting room upgrades might be overlooked by someone who pays most attention to their Facebook Messenger or text messages. By linking into your CRM system, your hotel marketing software will be able to communicate with your guests in the way they prefer, and so your offers will get noticed.

Make it easy for your guests to take up your offers and they will be more inclined to do so. Put a level of inconvenience in their way, such as making them call reception, and you risk them simply not reporting issues and consequently negatively influencing their review. With a 24/7 chatbot ready and waiting to discuss their requests, politely, in plain language, guests will find booking their upgrade a pleasure, and can also be given other extra options while they are communicating, such as being made aware of further offers or services they may be interested in.

You will have no problems when it comes to integrating HiJiffy technologies into your existing hotel marketing systems. HiJiffy’s solutions are compatible with a range of hotel marketing software available.

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