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Integration with Maintenance Management Systems

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Maintenance Management Systems – FAQs

Maintenance is an essential task within the hotel industry. Whether it is ensuring the heating system keeps running smoothly, urgently repairing a broken oven without disrupting a meal service, or simply replacing a spent light bulb, the work of a hotel maintenance team is never done. It can quickly become overwhelming if you do not have a very efficient system in place, and here is where a Hotel Maintenance Management System becomes an invaluable tool.

Computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) keeps your hotel running smoothly. Hotel maintenance software allows you to control all maintenance tasks within your business. The system can be used to log issues, such as a broken piece of equipment, and schedule checks or regular part replacements to prevent unexpected future failure. Tasks can easily be prioritized and delegated.

  • Fast response to urgent issues

Maintenance management software for hotels can be linked to mobile devices so that tasks can be delegated to staff members with the necessary skills, with priority given to those closest to the location of the problem in the case of an emergency.

  • Problems can be prioritized automatically

The system can automatically determine which maintenance jobs are most important, ensuring those most vital are undertaken first. Guests will appreciate that your staff hurried to fix their faulty television, while the scheduled maintenance of the bar’s dishwasher can safely be postponed.

  • You will not miss anything

The hotel maintenance management system allows you to schedule your regular maintenance tasks and checks and will alert you when these need to be done. These alerts will remain active until someone confirms that the job has been completed.

  • Anyone can report an issue

With all maintenance tasks being held in this central system, all staff can report issues to the hotel maintenance software via their mobile devices, which will be logged on the system and dealt with. Hotels deal with a wide range of issues, from the gardener noticing an exterior light is faulty to housekeeping staff discovering a fault in a guest room. With hotel maintenance management software, the information is easily conveyed, stored, and scheduled for fixing.

Integrate your CMMS with HiJiffy’s conversational technology, and you are making access to the CMMS easier for your staff and even for your guests. Staff is more likely to properly report problems if it is easy for them to do so, and with an AI-driven system like that available from HiJiffy, it is a straightforward and intuitive process. Available in many languages, it provides inclusivity for staff, regardless of their native language.

Additionally, you could add this functionality as an extra feature to your hotel guest app, allowing guests to report problems with their room via the hotel chatbot without needing help at the reception.

All HiJiffy technology integrates smoothly will major hotel maintenance management systems worldwide. It is a very straightforward process that can be completed in as little time as one day.

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