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Virtual Concierge for Hotels: FAQs

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) utilizes advanced software to efficiently track and manage relationships between the business and its customers. Over time, the data set grows. This can be analyzed, and the resulting information is used in various ways, from pre-empting customer requests to putting together the most attractive special offers. The best hotels offer a personal service, they make each guest feel special, but this can be tricky when you are relying on the memory of human beings combined with data from several different sources for thousands of customers. A CRM system will combine all your information to create an easily accessible, single point of reference for all customer data.

In addition, a good CRM system will enable you to communicate easily with guests before, during, and after their stay. It will allow communication across a variety of channels and will record all interactions for future analysis.

Using a hotel CRM system brings many advantages:

  • Offering a personal service on a large scale

The hospitality industry is vast and highly competitive. Offering excellent service will undoubtedly make a stay memorable for your guests, increasing the chances of the customer making future bookings, recommending your hotel to others, or leaving a positive review. With CRM software, you have a unique insight into all the data gathered regarding that customer can be used to ensure they have a pleasant stay. The system may automatically remind guests of their dinner reservation or flag up reminders about individual guests’ preferences. These small extra touches make a hotel stay special and, more importantly, memorable.

  • Understanding your customer’s needs

The more data you gather, the more you understand what your customers want. You can learn the preferred methods of correspondence and adjust your communication methods accordingly. You may find that specific demographics prefer certain rooms overall, so you can use this data when making bookings. It may be that families with young children prefer to be near the elevator, or groups of friends like to be near the entertainment. While every visitor is unique, these small tips can help you get things right for your guests more often.

  • Targeted up-selling, cross-selling and offers

The data you collect allows you to send tailored offers to each guest rather than approach them with generic deals. You can suggest spa treatments, dining reservations to guests with a booking, and discounts on stays for previous guests not currently booked in. Using data such as previous booking dates, you can even perfectly time the arrival of these deals in their inbox for maximum effect. 

  • Ease of access to the data you need

The system could flag up when an important guest has made a booking. You can then take this further by accessing the data for this particular VIP. Do they have a preferred room? Perhaps they usually order a particular bottle of wine with their meal. You can then ensure the hotel has this in stock and ready for arrival. It is all made easy with information at your fingers via your CRM system.

Not at all. HiJiffy’s advanced technology has been specifically developed to ensure it is easily integrated with all the best CRM software for hotels. Activation is instant, and the system can be fully up and running as soon as on the very same day.

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