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Hotel Intelligence: FAQ

The hotel industry is highly competitive. It is likely there are dozens of other hotels in close proximity to your own. How do you set your hotel apart, to ensure that customers choose your establishment over that of your competition? You can offer amazing facilities, hire the best chefs for your restaurant, and ensure your staff is highly trained, but other hotels in the area will make similar efforts. To truly gain an advantage, hotel managers need some meaningful insights in order to make improvements and offer the best services, all at a competitive price, without adversely affecting revenue. That is why hotel intelligence is vital within the hospitality industry.

There are many different hotel intelligence tools available. Investing time into researching them is important, not just to determine which systems get the best reviews, or offer the most for your money, but also because each system will offer something slightly different. The key to choosing hotel intelligence software is picking the product that is best suited to your own hotel. For example, some will be most appropriate for large chains with multiple locations while others will be tailored towards the needs of smaller independent hotels.

The benefits of using hotel intelligence will differ from hotel to hotel, but some benefits are useful across the board:

Taking out the guesswork from your pricing structure

By gathering and collating data using hotel intelligence, you can compare room rates with your competitors and optimize your pricing. Based not only on this data but also on supply and demand which can be forecast using the hotel intelligence data. In essence, hotel intelligence goes a long way toward eliminating guesswork. You can make accurate predictions, and act accordingly. 

Saving time and effort 

Hotel intelligence should be able to generate clear reports showing the facts you need to take action. No more scrutinizing complicated spreadsheets for the information you need. 

Making the right choice when selecting new partnerships

Additionally, hotel intelligence can be used to determine the best third-party businesses to partner with. A partnership with a complementary business, such as a taxi company, or an excursion operator can be beneficial if done right, but detrimental if you fail to choose the right partner and your guests are let down by a business you have recommended to them. 

Perhaps the biggest challenge with implementing hotel intelligence is ensuring that your hotel intelligence software is properly integrated with your existing systems, in order to get all the data the system needs to be most useful. Also, the quality of the data in your system will determine the quality of intelligence generated in your reports. You should look for solutions that are able to do the most laborsome tasks for you, ideally powered by Artificial Intelligence.

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