Hotetec integration with HiJiffy


HiJiffy has now integrated with Hotetec’s booking engine to provide hoteliers a guest-centered multi-channel communication solution. With HiJiffy’s AI-powered technology, hotels using Hotetec’s booking system have now the opportunity to increase direct bookings, elevate their guest satisfaction by decreasing response time, and providing a personalized booking experience.

HiJiffy and Hotetec partnership supplies hotels with tools to improve the operations of their teams alleviating them from redundant and repetitive tasks. On the other hand, guests are now able to check on room availability, quotations, image galleries, pre-arrival requests, and even process the booking within one chat conversation.

Main advantages of the integration with Hotetec:

  • Quick responses with a human touch: All the booking information available within seconds in +120 languages.
  • Upselling opportunities: Increase the opportunity to generate more revenue by providing guests with additional services to book from the comfort of their phones.
  • Campaigns and promotional codes: Availability to use promotional codes or discounts within the conversation for the booking request.
  • Book the room immediately: once customers have decided which room/package to book, the Book Now button will pop up and the reservation can be completed within Hotetec’s booking system.
Virtual Booking Assistant

What other features does HiJiffy Booking Assistant have?

  • Quick installation: the direct integration of HiJiffy with Hotetec’s booking system provides customers with the availability to install the booking assistant without delays.
  • Omnichannel solution: Requests can be funneled into one stream from a wide variety of platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, and WeChat. Moreover, if the hotel has a Facebook customers page available, HiJiffy’s Hotel Chatbot will act on the same basis as Facebook Messenger, creating a new channel for guests to access a direct booking.
  • AI-powered solution: It can only get better. With a pre-trained chatbot, hotels can automatize their procedures and optimize their time to focus better on managing the guest’s experience.
  • Conversation history available for agents: If a hotel agent would require to join a conversation with a guest, the previous chat is transferred so the agent can follow the request without being redundant. Moreover, within the same backend, agents can review and update the automated replies to improve the conversation between the chatbot and the guest.
  • Reports and suggestions: The console contains information on the chatbot’s performance and also allows you to centralize information on the most frequent customer complaints or your customer satisfaction index, amongst other useful data.

Victor Sanchez, CEO at Hotetec says: “At Hotetec we are continually innovating to give the best to our customers. Having HiJiffy as a partner helps us to expand our offer and provide hotels with new opportunities to improve their relationship with guests while saving them management time.”

Tiago Araújo, CEO at HiJiffy adds: “The integration with Hotetec’s booking system is wonderful news. We are working everyday to provide hotels with the opportunity to optimize their operations without sacrificing their time and resources. HiJiffy’s solution is dedicated to help increase guest satisfaction by providing a more automated and personalized travel experience”

If you want to learn more about HiJiffy’s Booking Assistant and how you can increase your direct bookings, click here to book a personalized demo.

About Hotetec

We are the strategic partner of the hotel sector thanks to the development of cutting-edge technology that covers the entire marketing process. Our specialty is the design and creation of customized websites for the hotel and/or chain, focused on conversion and sales generation. We approach the strategy with Digital Marketing tools; we have one of the most powerful and flexible Booking Engines in the market; we have an advanced Channel Manager, which in addition to facilitating the daily operations of the hotelier, is based on the company’s philosophy of balanced marketing of the hotel sector: integrating distribution in online and traditional channels, with direct sales.‍