Engisoft integration with HiJiffy


HiJiffy has integrated with Engisoft’s PMS allowing hoteliers to have access to an omnichannel instant messaging solution to communicate with your guests from the booking stage, through their stay until their departure. 

HiJiffy and Engisoft’s partnership equips hotels with a 24/7 available Virtual Concierge. A self-trained AI-Powered solution instantly enables a constant and consistent connection with guests to ensure their requests are catered anywhere and anytime.  Hoteliers can now elevate their guest’s stay through a simplified and streamlined communication experience.

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Main advantages of the integration with the Engisoft:

  • Lightning-fast responses with a human touch: All the details about the hotel’s information and services (such as transfers, restaurants, spa, etc.) within seconds with a quick Whatsapp request. Guests can reach the hotel from the comfort of their phones and personalise their experience without delays.
  • Upselling and campaign opportunities: Increase the revenue per stay with the possibility of directly communicating with guests about the hotel’s latest promotions, offers, and additional services.
  • Pre-arrival arrangements: Guests can receive their booking details via Whatsapp, SMS, or email and ensure any requirements are requested beforehand.
  • Online Check-in and Check-out: Hotels can facilitate the online check-in experience to reduce contact points and speed up the arrival stage. A form is sent to guests through their most preferred communication channel, such as WhatsApp or SMS, and guests can submit the information and additional requests, all from their phone devices. At the end of their stay, guest’s can handle invoices c directly via SMS or Whatsapp and make the most of their stay in the hotel.
  • Post-stay communication: Hotels can follow up or deliver satisfaction campaigns to share their experiences and publish their reviews. 
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