Check-In System for Hotels

Automated, contactless and personalised

HiJiffy’s Hotel Virtual Concierge is available 24/7 from the pre-stay stage until the guests departure. Engage with your upcoming visitors before their arrival, provide online check-in and check-out services and offer in-stay upselling opportunities to personalise your guests trip.

How does HiJiffy's Virtual Concierge work?

Connect with guest anytime, anywhere

Maximize your upselling opportunities

Automate your check-in and check-out just at your guest’s fingertips

Virtual Concierge Features

Front-Office AI Agent

An artificially intelligent virtual assistant that guides users through in-stay requests.

Digital Check-in

Offer pre-check-in forms to your upcoming guests and minimize the time at the reception.

Room Upgrades Campaigns

Communicate personalized room upgrade opportunities during the pre-arrival phase.

Upselling Campaings

Send automated messages to communicate personalized upselling campaigns.

Automated workflows

Automate workflows that are triggered throughout the guests stay.

Custom routing and escalations

Configure to whom would you like the request to be escalated or redirected when required.

Pre-programmed Guest Notifications

Create automatic notifications and digitalize repetitive administrative tasks.

Guest Satisfaction Surveys

Send guest satisfaction surveys directly to your guests phone and increase the participation rate to understand better your customer.

Guest Reviews Campaigns

Trigger recommendation campaigns to improve your brand reputation on platforms like TripAdvisor or Google.

Retention Campaigns

Create specific campaigns for past guests offering special deals and boost your hotels’ loyalty program.

Check-in System for Hotels: FAQs

A self-service check-in technology allows guests to check into their rooms without human assistance. 

intoSuch a system helps hotels streamline their check-in and check-out processes without causing any inconvenience to their guests. It is typically accessed through an app, which allows hotel guests to select their room all on their own and complete the check-in process even before their arrival at the hotel.

Due to the pandemic, the digitalization of the hotel check-in system has become a priority. However, even after the lockdown restrictions had cooled down, the demand for this service remained the same. This could be owed to how convenient it is for both hotel employees and guests, mostly due to the fact that it saves time for both parties.

Check-in services provide substantial benefits to all parties involved. Here are some ways in which this software makes life simpler

  1. Reduces queues in the lobby

Guests can cut the line and go directly to their hotel room. They are provided with an online keycard, allowing them the privilege of not waiting in long lines.

  1. Enhances the guest experience

The existence of a check-in system comes with many perks on the guests’ end. Such as:

  • Skipping the line: As previously mentioned, guests can cut the line and go straight to their room upon receiving the key from the front desk. 
  • Choosing a room prior to arrival: Booking your room through an app allows you to choose the best location in accordance with your needs. If you’re afraid of heights, you can avail a room on the first floor. Do you prefer to be closer to the elevator? We got you! Do you want a room close to the smoking exit? Done!
  • Check-in anytime: Once your room shows up on the app as ‘ready,’ you’re free to check in whenever you want.
  • Receive updates: No need to wait around in the lobby ever again! Your phone will notify you once your room is clean and ready for you.

  1. Reduces staff workload

A hotel check-in system helps reduce the work strain experienced by the staff. Now, they can utilize their time better by providing the best of their services. 

  1. Increases RevPAR

To those unfamiliar, RevPAR stands for Revenue per Available Room. This term is used within the hospitality industry to measure hotel performance. Many well-known hotels have already installed check-in systems. This ensures their great reviews and satisfied customers. Any hoteliers wanting to increase their RevPAR should seriously consider a hotel check-in system. Trust us; you don’t want to get left behind in this race.

  1. Promotes social-distancing

Check-in software for hotels gained popularity at the peak of lockdown. Hotels wanted their guests to have a safe and contactless experience. Even though the pandemic is almost over now, it hasn’t completely died down. Hence, hotels need to respect the safety of their customers by continuing to promote self-check-in systems for their hotels. 

Technology can be quite revolutionary sometimes, but it always comes with its flaws. Here are the main things to consider, for both guests and hoteliers, before implementing a self-check-in system:

Downsides faced by guests

  • Low phone battery

Mobile key users need to have their phones on them all the time. This is not a big issue as no one ever goes anywhere without their phone in this day and age. Yet, there may be times when your cell runs out of battery. This can cause some inconvenience. In this situation, the guest will have to ask for a physical copy of the key at the front desk.

  • Internet issues

Without the internet, the guest will temporarily lose access to their key. Of course, this won’t be a problem if your smartphone has mobile data. Additionally, almost all hotels provide free WiFi to their customers. But, in the worst-case scenario, if you still cannot connect to the internet, getting a key from the reception is the only way out. This can be quite a frustrating experience for the guests who expect a hassle-free experience. 

  • Less person-to-person interaction

Nothing can replace a human touch. However, with all the online procedures, there is less scope for face-to-face interaction with the hotel’s working staff, minimizing personal touch.

Downsides faced by hoteliers

  • Non-updated front desk policies

Hoteliers who have simply added hotel auto check-in systems without training their front desk employees are doing themselves a great disservice. Employees can make grave errors like giving away a room that another customer digitally books to someone else. Such a mistake can leave a sour taste in the customer’s mouth. 

  • New software

Installing an online hotel check-in system can be long, time-consuming, expensive, and tiresome. In addition, this process may require deeming rooms temporarily out of order, which may take a hit on the hotel’s profit.

  • Power outage

During a power outage, the hotel’s online check-in system will be useless, and guests will have to use manual keycards instead.

HiJiffy’s technology is available through the different digital communication channels that our platform is integrated with, from WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger or Instagram to SMS. Therefore, you don’t need a specific app to take advantage of HiJiffy’s auto-check-in system’s benefits.

Yes. While some travelers may express concerns that their private or sensitive data may be at risk using a mobile check-in, HiJiffy’s technology is incredibly advanced, assuring total security.

We frequently test our solution against foreign threats to make sure all the data and private information are secured.

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