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Hotel Booking Engines: FAQs

A Booking Engine is an online system, available to potential hotel guests, which can be used to check availability and make bookings. It is accessed via the hotel’s website or through its mobile app. It will link into a back-end system that will enable access to all the data and allow integration with the hotel’s internal processes.

There is a range of benefits for hoteliers choosing to use Booking Engines, including:

  • A professional online presence

The internet is generally the first port of call for most people when it comes to researching and booking hotels. If a hotel does not offer online booking, a customer may go elsewhere, preferring the convenience of an online booking over making a phone call to a particular establishment. A Booking Engine gives your adds to your hotel’s perceived professionalism that is reassuring to potential visitors.

  • 24/7 availability

Offering online bookings also ensures you are available 24/7, which is especially important if you have overseas guests in different time zones. Should there be an influx of guests wishing to book at the same time, with a Booking Engine, this can all be managed simultaneously. There is no worry that you do not have enough staff to handle the busy times, particularly if you have lower staff levels outside of the main working hours. Bookings and inquiries can be made quickly, and guests can check prices and availability, all without having to speak to hotel staff. It is an all-around time saver.

  • Eliminating third-party costs

Additionally, having your own booking system ensures that your profits remain your own and you do not have to pay commission to third-party booking sites. It also gives you greater control over the timing of alterations to your pricing and offers.

  • Data gathering

Your hotel booking system can gather data which can then be integrated into analytical software to give some useful insights into how guests use your booking services, which offers are most attractive, and where guests have been directed to your site from. It is a valuable, extra level of information that is not so easily gained when guests book by more traditional methods. 

  • An opportunity to offer extras services

Using a hotel booking system, you can automatically offer restaurant bookings, spa treatments, or room upgrades. You can create packages and appealing offers and adopt different pricing strategies such as lowering prices for late availability in order to maximise occupancy. 

While a hotel Booking Engine is always a sound investment, it can be an excellent idea to enhance it with conversational AI. If you are offering bookings outside of your standard working hours, with an integrated chatbot, you can offer an engaging, conversational option for customer inquiries, even when you are not currently manning your phone, or to reduce the number of calls you receive. With HiJiffy’s chatbot highly tailored to your specific requirements, customers can request information, ask questions, and get the answers they require quickly. The chatbot can answer queries and interact with a hotel Booking Engine to make bookings as requested by the customer. It adds the individualized touch and extra level of service that can put your business above its competitors.

HiJiffy technologies integrate seamlessly with major hotel booking systems. The process is very simple, so you can rest assured that integration will be smooth and fast. HiJiffy’s Customer Success team is always available to guide and assist you in that process.

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