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Hotel Reputation Management : FAQ

Hotel reputation management is a term that covers all aspects of ensuring the establishment builds and maintains its reputation. This can include many facets, such as encouraging feedback, responding to comments and reviews, and ensuring any problems are fixed before they escalate into the public domain. 

Reputation management for hotels is incredibly important nowadays, as so many people choose their accommodation online. They look at reviews, check ratings, and make choices accordingly. A hotel may have a high standard of services, but negative comments – even not well justified – can often cause guests to book elsewhere.

Prevention is always better than cure. By being proactive and collecting feedback yourself, you are giving guests the chance to air any grievances. This gives you the opportunity to put things right before the guest goes public and leaves a negative review or an upset social media post. Sending out surveys and encouraging feedback after a stay is a great tactic.

Of course, you cannot always spot issues as they arise, so it is vital to keep a close eye on all your social media accounts and respond quickly to any comments. Even a negative comment need not be too damaging to your reputation if the public is then seeing you responding quickly and doing all you can to address the problem and make sure the customer is satisfied with the solution.

You must not forget to respond to the positive comments as well. People like to know their comments have been seen, and it is polite to say thank you for a good review. You can then encourage the guest to return!

By paying close attention to all areas of reputation management, you are gaining the opportunity to respond to your guests, and you may also pick up some valuable information. When you run a hotel, sometimes it can be difficult to see the place from a guest’s perspective. By reading reviews and comments, you will learn what your guests like, what they dislike, and you could find ways to improve. There may be negative comments regarding the condition of your gym equipment, or several guests might point out the bar was closed just at the time they wanted to get a drink. Two simple issues to solve, that will provide a better experience for everyone in the future. 

Reputation management in hotels is a constant task. It is time-consuming, and often its value is underestimated. Checking social media and responding to posts may not be a priority in a long line of tasks that a staff member has to deal with. Responses and replies have to be well-written, thoughtful, and any useful data must be extracted and reported. It can be a good idea to hire someone specifically to deal with hotel reputation management, as it is a unique skill. Simply posting out a templated ‘Thank you for your review’ message that is identical for every guest, while time-saving, can also look impersonal. Going the extra mile with the personal touch online will be valued by your guests.

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