June 24, 2024

Welcome buttons

Give your guests a warm digital welcome.

In this product highlight series, we examine the various features and functions of the Console – the interface of our Guest Communications Hub. This practical insight shows how easy it is to enhance your communications with guests with the support of our conversational AI.

In the following article, we take a look at what the welcome buttons are and their importance for initialising a conversation.

What are the welcome buttons?

When starting a conversation with HiJiffy’s chatbot, the welcome message appears first, followed by welcome buttons. These are pre-set buttons that allow you to add special events that are triggered when they are clicked.

By default, “Book a room” and “Other topics” are set here, but it is beneficial to customise these to your hotel and add other buttons such as “Manage reservations,” “Book additional services” or “Join the loyalty programme”. In addition, further pre-defined topic suggestions can be displayed as buttons under “Other topics” to simplify communication.

Welcome buttons widget welcome buttons

Make communication accessible and convenient

With this feature, hoteliers can customise the welcome message, provide guests with quick and easy access to important processes, or guide them to specific landing pages. Instead of entering their own enquiry or question, the user simply clicks on the options provided.

This guides guests to the right information, makes your website easier to navigate, and answers their questions before they have to search for them. It also means there is less room for error or misunderstanding.

Welcome buttons overall welcome buttons

Where can I find this feature?

To edit the welcome buttons, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Console.
  2. Go to the “Chatbots” menu.
  3. Select the Pre-Stay or In-Stay chatbot.
  4. Select “Welcome messages” in the chatbot settings and click on “Add new
  5. Once you have configured your welcome message, you can add the buttons.
  6. Select the type of button (URL, Flow or FAQ)
  7. Save your changes.

You can also manage the welcome components that have already been created here.

Welcome buttons add button welcome buttons

It could look like this

As soon as a prospective guest starts the chat on your website, your welcome message appears, followed by a second message with welcome buttons such as “Reserve room,” “Manage booking,” “About the hotel” and “Other topics.”

The guest can now click on one of these buttons or alternatively type the topic. If they click on “Other topics,” the most popular FAQ topics are displayed as buttons, for example, “Parking,” “Breakfast” and “Check-In”. In this way, the guests can navigate directly through the topics without typing and receive answers more quickly.

Do you need additional help?
In our Help Center, you have access to over 200 articles dealing with practical questions about using the Guest Communications Hub. From onboarding videos and step-by-step guides to troubleshooting, it offers valuable information that is always at your fingertips. If you need further support to get the most out of your solution, get in touch with our dedicated Customer Success Team.

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Welcome buttons

Welcome buttons

Give your guests a warm digital welcome.
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