June 21, 2023

HiJiffy raises €3.8M and expands to Germany


HiJiffy, company specialised in conversational Artificial Intelligence for hotels, raised €3.8M in funding. Further goals for the business include enhancing and strengthening its presence in the UK and France and expanding into the DACH region (German, Austrian, and Swiss markets).

The successful funding round will enable HiJiffy to expand its team from 30 to more than 50 employees, as well as launch a new product that promises to revolutionise the way hotels interact with their guests.

Marking a new era for the company, HiJiffy also unveiled the evolution of its brand, unchanged since its foundation in 2016.

Lead in the UK and France, expand into the DACH region

“Having the United Kingdom, France, Portugal and Spain as our main markets, we currently have over 1,800 hotels in more than 50 countries,” explains Tiago Araújo, CEO of HiJiffy.

The company currently aims to reinforce its investment in the British and French markets with the goal of becoming the main local reference for the digitisation and automation of hotels’ interactions with their guests.

“The steep growth of HiJiffy in the UK and France, where we have been actively present since 2021, working with names like Macdonald Hotels & Resorts, reinforces our confidence to continue expanding our local structures and developing specific solutions for British and French hoteliers. In the coming months, we will enhance our efforts to assure market leadership.”

In line with the strategy to establish itself as the leading provider of conversational Artificial Intelligence for hotels in Europe, HiJiffy is committed to making a strong entry into the German, Swiss and Austrian markets.

To support its growth, HiJiffy plans to hire 20 professionals by the end of the year. There are several open vacancies in the areas of Product, Sales, Marketing, Customer Support and Human Resources.

Reflecting innovation and growth in brand evolution

HiJiffy also marked this significant milestone by introducing the transformation of its brand, which has remained unchanged since its creation in 2016.

“This brand refresh was inevitable to take HiJiffy to the next level. Combining our innovative DNA with a premium brand, we will be able to differentiate ourselves even more, an essential factor to ensure that we continue to achieve annual growth above 100%,” concludes Tiago Araújo.

Robust support to accelerate growth

The funding round, led by Caixa Capital, elevates the amount of investment already raised by the company to €6.2M. Caixa Capital was joined by Lince Capital, as well as Portugal Ventures, which had already invested in HiJiffy back in 2020.

In addition to the €2.5M invested by the venture capital companies, €1.3M was granted by the European Commission through the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP) within the scope of the “Accelerate and Transform Tourism” agenda, a project composed by 30 leading companies in the tourism sector in Portugal.

Hijiffy founders 01 pedro goncalves tiago araujo jose mendonca hijiffy raises €3. 8m and expands to germany

The co-founders of HiJiffy: Pedro Gonçalves (COO), Tiago Araújo (CEO), José Mendonça (CTO).

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