HiJiffy launches Click-to-Call feature

Improve the quality of your calls and increase your direct booking opportunities
Click to call
November 4, 2021

HiJiffy has launched an update in the Booking Assistant solution to allow guests to contact the hotel directly via phone call. Travellers are now able to reach the hotel most preferred telephone contact without leaving the automated chat conversation. This feature is directly connected to the chat conversation in which the call was requested, allowing hoteliers to understand the call needs better before a human agent takes over,  therefore, increasing the opportunity to deliver a better and faster guest experience. 

Despite the continuous growth of chat solutions for instant communication, with conversational chatbots, there are still people that prefer to use calls or voice messaging solutions as an instant communication channel. From a traveller’s perspective, there are often times in which bookings or queries start in a chat, but they then require a higher level of personalisation to be completed. Some travellers are keener to close a booking request on a phone call than on a chat conversation. By enabling the opportunity to contact the hotel directly through HiJiffy’s Booking Assistant solution, guests will be able to easily reach the hotel and solve their queries in a shorter period of time, and hoteliers will have a higher chance to convert requests into direct bookings. 

Moreover, hoteliers can also optimise their operations by semi-automating calls, allowing travellers to access fae information they look for faster, hence, receiving a much more pleasant guest service experience.

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Main advantages of using the Click-to-Call solution on HiJiffy’s Booking Assistant: 

  • Reduce response time and increase guest satisfaction:  By providing an alternative solution to contact the property directly, hoteliers are able to cater urgent queries more efficiently, reducing the response time and consequently increasing guests satisfaction. 
  • Personalised experience: Hoteliers can solve more complex queries via phone calls and provide a more personalised experience to the traveller. 
  • Omnichannel solution: The click to call feature is available across multiple platforms where the feature is directly linked to the hotel’s most preferred phone number. 
  • Centralised tool: Phone calls are also tracked in the guest’s profile, allowing the hotelier to visualize better the previous interactions with each guest. 
  • Increase booking opportunities:  By decreasing the response time and providing a more personalised experience, hoteliers can encourage guests to book directly within the same chat conversation without leaving the platform.
Click-to-call feature for Hotels

What other benefits will this feature have? 

  • Quick activation and scalability: Hotels already using HiJiffy’s booking assistant can activate this feature within just a few steps. Its online nature allows hoteliers to provide a seamlessly connected feature with a much simpler structure than traditional phone connections and at a more reduced cost. 
  • Direct connection with the hotel’s contact list: Hotels will be able to retrieve guest data and create a more complete profile of the traveller’s needs. 
  • Handover to human agent: Hoteliers can personalise the trigger to offer the phone call channel. Meanwhile, the history of the previous chats are saved, recorded, and available for the agent to visualise before jumping into the discussion. This can help the hotel staff avoid redundant questions that the chatbot or the guest may have already answered and increase the support team’s efficiency. 
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Nuno Fernandes, Product Manager at HiJiffy says: “We are constantly looking for ways to support hoteliers to deliver a better experience to their customers. That is why after several requests coming from our clients we are launching a feature that is scalable, simple and provides more efficient workflows to the designated operations teams. With the Click-to-call feature, not only guests will have access to a quicker solution to solve their queries but also hoteliers are able to increase their sales opportunities and focus on delivering a more personalised and customised guest experience.”

If you want to be one of the first to try out HiJiffy’s new Click-to-call feature, book a personalised demo with our sales team for more information.

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