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Hoteliers can use emails to increase direct bookings and decrease workload
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September 23, 2021

Emails have been categorised as one of the most used and profitable communication tools in the world. 300 billion emails are sent every day by 4 billion email users. The hospitality industry is no stranger to these numbers. In fact, hoteliers not only use emails to communicate with their guests and book stays, but it’s also the means for transactions, internal communication or marketing campaigns.

At peaks, hoteliers can receive overwhelming amounts of emails, and it is common to encounter hotels without the proper infrastructure to handle these interactions efficiently. Studies show that hotels are losing $58B in revenue per year due to poor customer care.

So, how can hoteliers manage their inbox to improve their guest experience, sales opportunities and decrease their workload?

HiJiffy has launched a new feature that allows hoteliers to centralise their email communication and automate their responses to not miss any incoming requests again. Hoteliers can provide an instant reply to the guest’s queries and even guide the guest to a booking without the interaction of a human agent. This allows teams to focus on more complex tasks and provides better coordination of the communication of the hotel with the guest.

How does the email automation feature work?

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Main advantages of the Email Automation feature

  • Decrease response time: do not leave any guest unattended and provide quicker replies relevant to the guest’s queries.
  • Increase guest satisfaction: Increase guest satisfaction by providing a 24/7 service.
  • Increase booking opportunities: do not miss any booking opportunity again and guide guests to complete the booking through HiJiffy’s booking assistant solution.
  • Centralised management solution: Improve the efficiency of your communication management by having a one-platform solution.
  • Quick installation: activate the feature in a few steps with any email supplier you work with and personalise your replies to your brands requires

Pedro Gonçalves, COO at HiJiffy said: “We launched this feature after receiving many requests from our client’s hoteliers of a need to improve their relationship with guests via email. We understood the volume of requests hoteliers receive and the opportunity it represents for them when it comes to customer care and direct bookings. Therefore we have customised this feature to hotelier’s needs in order to support their communication and their guest’s experience and to allow them to have a better support system to manage their requests. Today we have successfully tried out this feature with our clients with great results and we look forward to implementing it to more hotels.”

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Co-Founder & CEO

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