HiJiffy’s new SMS Campaigns feature boosts hotels revenue with +98% open rate

HiJiffy's SMS feature to boost hoteliers direct communication, creating more impactful opportunities to increase revenue.
Sms campaigns
March 2, 2022

Instant messaging with guests is accurate, and we are not talking about opening the opportunity to a conversation but opening a conversation directly with guests. SMS are known for being the most efficient channel to reach users.

Banks, Health Systems, Governmental organisations and other sensitive organisms use this channel to communicate critical information to their users due to its high reliability on the message received. 

Over 98% of SMS are opened within the first 90 seconds, making this channel almost a guaranteed option for entities to communicate with their audience.

Hotel text messaging systems are being implemented with more frequency, yet it’s still a channel that can be highly optimised. Hoteliers have the opportunity to automate, centralise and personalise their communication with guests, including hotel SMS, increasing the effectiveness in the hotelier’s communication and the productivity of its team. 

5 Benefits of using HiJiffy’s hotel SMS feature

  1. Direct communication with guests
    Hoteliers can ignite a conversation directly with a guest without using any third-party platforms. Hotel text messaging systems allow teams to retrieve information faster and more efficiently to deliver a better service in a simple and optimised way.
  2. Centralise all your communication
    All the communication will be centralised in HiJiffy’s console, allowing the hotel to have a global vision of its interactions, data, and other relevant actions performed through their communication channels.
  3. Elevate guest’s experience
    The opportunity to connect with guests at a personal level tightens the relationship with the traveller and provides a more personalised and nurtured experience, hence elevating the hotel’s image and guest service.
  4. Record valuable data
    Gather critical information about the guest’s preferences, patterns and behaviours and record them into HiJiffy’s centralised platform. Hoteliers can visualise this information to configure better strategies and optimise their team’s operations.
  5. Launch Marketing Campaigns
    Thanks to the direct connection established through this feature, SMS marketing for hotels using HiJiffy’s services will be available for hotels. Hotels can communicate their special promotions, marketing campaigns, newsletters, surveys and upselling opportunities directly through the hotel’s text messaging system.
SMS Marketing for Hotels

“We are excited to offer this feature to our clients so that they can elevate their opportunity to communicate with guests directly. We have followed this solution amongst the industry and other sectors, and we are looking forward to developing its potential amongst hoteliers”, says Nuno Fernandes, Product Manager.

Main Advantages of HiJiffy’s SMS feature

Emerging as a great opportunity for hotels to maximise revenue generation opportunities and improve their communications with guests, among the main advantages of the functionality now made available by HiJiffy are:

  • High open rate
    General SMS has one of the highest open rates amongst other conventional communication channels. With 98% of the users opening the messages, it’s positioned as an almost guaranteed solution to communicate with your interlocutor effectively.
  • Cost-effective
    An average of 82% of SMS Marketing Campaigns are opened with a click-through rate of 36%. These numbers represent a great opportunity for hoteliers to effectively communicate their marketing campaigns at a lower cost than most other conventional advertising mediums.
  • Instant communication
    Studies show that millennials open a text message within an average of 90 seconds from its received. Hotels can take advantage of these results to use this channel for urgent or last-minute messages they want to send across to their guests.
  • High engagement
    SMS marketing for hotels is an area with great opportunity to develop. Other industries, including areas within the travel sector, show that 91% of users usually subscribe to receive text messages from their brands, creating a tighter communication bond.

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