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Hotel Text Messaging System: FAQs

The hotel messaging system is an exclusive way to use normal phone messages to provide services to guests without any delay. The hotel’s guest messaging system ensures that all the services are met with utmost expertise and concern. Services like booking a table at the restaurant, or taking in a room service order have never become this simple. The hotels can also give out special offers that they provide in-house and enhance customer satisfaction through just a few taps on the phone. 

As text messages have a great response rate, getting the right message in the intended tone is paramount. Let us take a quick look at how the HiJiffy messaging software works:

  • Hotels can work with their existing numbers as HiJiffy can enable the messaging service with the old and existing numbers. Do not fret if it is a landline, an option is there to reroute calls to the landline and text messages to our service platform.
  • Once you have enabled the services, you could easily put in the word that your services could be accessed through the HiJiffy messaging platform.
  • Now that you have put in the word, the messages from potential customers will start firing in. Every message can be reviewed on the HiJiffy dashboard exclusive to your hotel.
  • The messages have to respond on a proper cycle so that you will not miss any. There will be constant reminders if there are any unattended requests.

HiJiffy software’s first and foremost priority is customer satisfaction and through this an increase in revenue of the hotels as well.

Here are some of the reasons why you should implement a hotel messaging software:

  • Long, confusing calls, a thing of the past

The confusing calls and writing down the ‘n’ number of needs can create such a chaotic environment. By introducing HiJiffy’s text messaging software, the hoteliers have a credible chat history to refer to and make the wants of customers met most effectively. As it’s centralized through our console, the hotel will have a global vision of all the interactions, and other relevant data for continuous reference.

  • Exclusive deals, on your way

Customers need to be very well informed of the various deals and offers by hotels, which ultimately boosts the revenue. HiJiffy’s SMS or messaging software can be used to create marketing campaigns, newsletters, special hotel promotional measures, etc. HiJiffy also makes sure that the customers will not be bombarded with unnecessary messages that create a negative impact.

  • Inclusivity of third-party messaging apps

Creating a customized app is quite an unnecessary expense. HiJiffy is compatible with every common messaging app like Wechat, Whatsapp, Line, Facebook Messenger, Android messages, Instagram, etc. According to what the customer prefers or uses, HIjiffy can accommodate their requirements without haste. 

  • Easy accessibility

Our platform is constructed by keeping in mind the ease of access. Anybody with just a little prior knowledge can easily go through the platform and get going. The user-friendliness makes it an efficient and effective option.

  • Unique templates

HiJiffy lets the hotels make unique templates and make them a standout in the game. Frequently asked questions can be put in so that there is no necessity for constantly repeating the same answers.

  • Reservation, room service… all under one roof!

Irrespective of the need of the customer, everything can be communicated to the hotel using HiJiffy’s messaging software. Confirmation messages regarding the guest bookings, conveying greeting and reassurance of the bookings before they arrive, room service order confirmations, additional messages when the food is ready, all this can be done in the most effortless way possible.

  • Gathering valuable feedback

Customer feedback is the most important way in which a hotel can improve its services. Feedback is never taken into account, nor do hotels have a provision as such. HiJiffy’s messaging software helps in tackling this issue. Customer feedback is taken by promptly initiating messages and making sure it is rectified immediately. This helps in enhancing the overall outlook of the hotel.

  • Tracking the analytics

Gathering information concerning the number of clicks, which messages are performing best, and which region is giving you the highest number of customers can be checked on HiJiffy’s platform without any difficulty. The review reports are always placed for easy analysis and better improvements.

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