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Integration with Payment and Financing Gateways

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Payment and Financing Gateways: FAQs

A hotel payment system, or a hotel payment processing gateway, enables fast, secure, and seamless transactions for all payments taken by your business. Confidence in making online payments has hugely increased over recent years. Most customers are happy to make payments over the Internet, as long as they feel confident that the system is secure. Using the best payment gateway for hotels makes your company look professional to your customers. From the hotel’s perspective, taking online payments should be as simplified and centralised as possible.

Hotel payment systems bring a range of benefits for hoteliers:

  • A seamless transaction

A payment gateway will provide an uninterrupted customer journey when integrated with your booking system. From a guest’s perspective, from choosing a room to paying for it, the entire process will take place within your hotel’s website without needing to make a payment elsewhere.

  • All payment data centralised

Whether a customer uses their credit card to book online, or they make a contactless payment at a hotel, all payment information is stored in a centralised location, making accounting processes simpler, improving traceability, and reducing the risk of errors.

  • An increased number of payment options

The best hotel payment processing systems will accommodate many payment options. From credit and debit cards to Apple Pay and Google Pay. You may have visitors from all over the globe using cards from foreign providers. By using a good payment gateway, a hotel can accept all these cards without an issue, making it convenient for your overseas guests. Additionally, by using the services of a payment gateway, whenever a new payment option becomes popular, it will be integrated into the system, so you will not have to worry about implementing anything new yourself.

Many people are naturally cautious when making payments online. While confidence in using credit cards to pay for goods and services via websites has increased, you can add another level of comfort by introducing payments via a conversational AI chatbot to answer questions and guide your guests through the booking and payment process. A chatbot can make the booking, and then introduce and take the payment, just as someone would if they were to book over the telephone or in person. By having this chat-based system guiding customers on their route from booking to payment, you will likely see guests following this route right through to completion.

Not at all; HiJiffy integrates easily with the best payment gateways for hotels. Setup is simple, and activation is instant. The process does not disrupt the hotel’s operations and can start bringing benefits to staff and guests from day one.

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